Participating in Fast Track Program, Organizer and Influencer

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Rana Adelisa, the best undergraduate graduate of Faculty of Economics and Business. (Illustration: Feri Fenoria Rifai)

UNAIR NEWS – Participating Fast Track program, being active in organization, and influencer with more than 33 thousand followers did not make Rana Adelisa leave her studies. Rana managed to study, active in organization and being an influencer on Instagram.

“We need to sort out our task and it is related with our priority scale,” she added.

Rana succeeded being the best graduate of Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR with GPA of 3.93. The achievement certainly does not come just like that. Rana must be smart to manage her time.

“Don’t be lazy to learn something new because by learning we will know everything,” she added.

The student who raised the title of the thesis “Corporate Governance, CEO Tenure, and Capital Structure” currently studying in UNAIR Management Master with financial concentration. When she was in 7th semester, Rana also began taking her first semester for Master in Fast Track program.

Rana said she is now active as Secretary of Management Scientists Forum, Master of Management. She was also the treasurer of UNAIR Management Student Association and Djarum Plus Scholarship treasurer.

In addition, Rana also active on social media Instagram. With the account name of @ranaadelisa, she focused on fashion and beauty and often shares about makeup and hijab tutorials. In addition in receiving many endorsements and paid promotions, Rana also worked with several big brands. She was speaker in several talk shows at various universities.

The favorite ambassador of environment in FEB UNAIR 2016 added that the key to her success so far is always be happy and excited. Make our parents happy is also important factor to be successful.

“Man jadda wa jada. Whoever strives, shall succeed.” concluded the student born in Surabaya on July 2, 1997. (*)

Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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