Literacy Activist Becomes the Best Graduate in Faculty of Vocational Studies

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Yustria Olivia Arifin, the best graduate in Faculty of Vocational Studies in March 2019. (Illustration: Feri Fenoria Rifai)

UNAIR NEWS – Yustria Olivia Arifin is the first child of two siblings from Sidoarjo, as well as student of Faculty of Vocational Studies, UNAIR batch 2016 and the best graduates of Faculty of Vocational Studies in March 2019.

In her final project, the graduate who likes to writing raised Online Directory of Website Development Services in Indonesia as her topic. She choosed the title because there were many companies / agencies that now spread information and promotion through electronic media, website.

“This product aims to provide information briefly to the public about website creation services in Indonesia that can be traced from various categories,” she said.

With the results of her final project, she certainly hopes that the products can give benefit to the wider community. Besides her hobby in writing and reading, the graduate from Sidoarjo was also participated in various student activities on campus.

“I am not different from other students, working in the division, being the committee for other division events and working in BEM Faculty of Vocational Studies.” she explained.

Taking 3 years of study in D3 Library UNAIR, she faced the good and bad thing to be the best graduate. According to Oliv, having a hobby in writing help her during her time in college.

“Basically, don’t be lazy to write because in my opinion, by writing indirectly our brain will receive information and we don’t need to memorize all the material, thus we only need to understand it” he concluded. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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