Iqyu Widya, Best Graduate FPK: Always Remember Parents’ Struggle

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UNAIR NEWS – “When I feel very tired, I think about the fate of my parents who worked hard for letting me going to college.” It is what motivated Iqyu, the 2015 FPK UNAIR student who was named best graduate in March 2019 period.

According to her, she must have bravery to commit to it, even though there must be obstacles in her journey. It is the driving force for Iqyu to complete her studies as quickly as possible.

Even though she successfully graduated in 3.5 years with a cumlaude GPA, the Pacitan-born graduate had a wrong assumption about college. She thought going to college was an easy thing to do.

“There is a statement that good studies are only found in the FTV (TV shows). I agree with the statement, especially when the thesis process is very different from FTV,” he said.

Becoming an Assistant Lecturer in Microbiology courses and succeeded in getting 2 scholarships during college, boosting her spirit in college until she was named the best FPK S1 graduate in March 2019 period.

“Being the best graduate is my best achievement, at first I didn’t think too much about my GPA, a dream that I thought was only limited to the dream of a college student but then given by Allah SWT, Alhamdulillah,” he added.

In addition to being active in Microbiology courses, the graduate is also active in community organizations engaged in education and she work as tutors. Because according to her, during college, there must be experience or insight, not only in the academic field.

For her, the hardest thing in order to complete S1 study is the thesis process. Because it drains students’ energy and mind. Such as when she must revise her work when others are on vacation, and also have guidance, while others are sleeping, or other thesis dramas. But the hardship is normal for him, because she believes, behind hardships there are easiness or a blessing.

“I believe that there are so many people around you who want to be in your current position, going to college of your dream university, so one of the tips to become an outstanding student is good intention and efforts,” she concluded. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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