Center for Learning Innovation and Certification Gives Training on Coding

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UNAIR NEWS – In this millennial era, technology is a major necessity in daily life. Moreover, the emergence of industrial revolution 4.0 which brings technological changes through the existence of Android as operating system in smartphonesThe technological development now allows everyone to be more innovative by utilizing Android.

As a response to that development, Universitas Airlangga Center for Learning Innovation and Certification (PIPS-UNAIR) held an Android-Based Coding Certified Training on Saturday, March 13, 2019 with two sessions at Kahuripan Hall 300, 2nd floor Campus C. The training was conducted in seven sessions, both online and face to face.

In the event, UNAIR NEWS had the opportunity to interview Yuni Sari Amalia, S.S., M.A., Ph.D, as Head of PIPS-UNAIR. She explained that in millennial era all students must be able to use technology in order to make innovation, especially students who are keen on digital programming or coding.

“This coding training is carried out to accommodate students. So, not only students of information system that excel in coding, but humanity and social students can also do it, ” she said.

The training aims to create creative and innovative millennial students in developing android-based programs in industrial revolution 4.0 era. Many students from various departments are actually capable in programming.

Yuni continued, it was seen from PIPS-UNAIR internship students who came from various departments, both volunteers, full time and part time, who have great interest for digital programming. Therefore, with encouragement and motivation, the training was created.

The training expected all participating students to make an innovation by combining the knowledge from training with what they learned in class. In addition, the results of these innovations can benefit many people in facing the revolutionary 4.0 era.

“The best ideas will be selected and discussed (considered, ed) and then realized. The best one will be taken over and worked with other agencies or be funded,” she added. (*)


Author: Asthesia Dhea C.

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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