UNAIR Veterinary Teaching Hospital Team Up with LCS Srikandi and PMI Blood Donation

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MEDICAL check-up of donors before taking blood at UNAIR Veterinary Teaching Hospital (RSHP). (Photo: Rini Ramadhanty)

UNAIR NEWS – As a form of awareness in social services, UNAIR Veterinary Teaching Hospital (RSHP) held blood donor action. Blood donation took place at RSHP UNAIR on Friday 15, 2019. Blood donation activity was held in collaboration with UNAIR RSHP, Lions Clubs Surabaya (LCS) Srikandi and Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) in Surabaya.

LCS Srikandi is a place for volunteers who have one year work program in serving to the community. Maria Koes Andriana as LCS President Srikandi said that the blood donation action had been carried out every year.

LCS Srikandi made RSHP UNAIR a place for blood donation because they wanted to reach the community among young people. The goal was for young people to take part in social and helping services for fellow human beings through blood donation.

“Basically the purpose of Lions Club Surabaya Srikandi was to educate people, such as mothers and children,” he added.

Lions Club Surabaya Srikandi Volunteer and Surabaya PMI Honorary Board Totok Sudarto (center) took a group photo at UNAIR Veterinary Teaching Hospital (RSHP). (Photo: Rini Ramadhanty)

This activity was also fully supported by Totok Sudarto as the Honorary Board of PMI Surabaya. He was proud to see LCS Srikandi and other organizations that actively held blood donation in Surabaya.

Totok said that Surabaya was able to collect 150,000 blood bags and become National Champion defeating DKI Jakarta. In addition, Totok also said that organizing humanitarian activities was very easy in this era.

“PMI always ready to serve public health. Regarding to blood donation, this action is a form of helping and making yourself healthier, “he explained.

Not only blood donation, LCS Srikandi also has a new program in the field of environmental health: reducing the use of plastic bags. The LSC President also emphasized that many programs have been established for 28 years. The difference, this year LCS Srikandi far more intensive in its activities. In addition, he also said that he is ready to accept anyone who has the dedication to join the LCS Srikandi. (*)


Author: Rini Ramadhanty

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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