UK Mapanza Invites Students to Reduce Community Stigma against ODHA

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Head of UK-Mapanza Indra (left, black shirt) delivered his opening remarks in FGD with the theme “Adilkah ODHA Hidup Dalam Stigma?” at Student Center Hall on the second floor of Campus C UNAIR. (Photo: Dhea Meidiana)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Activity Unit Concerning Drug Abuse and Spread of HIV / AIDS (UK-Mapanza) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held Group Focus Discussion (FGD) activities for all members with the theme “Adilkah ODHA Hidup dalam Stigma?” as a part of UK-Mapanza work program this year. The FGD was held on Saturday March 16, 2019 at Student Center Hall on the second floor of Campus C UNAIR.

It was said Muhammad Indra Pangestu as Head of UK-Mapanza that the purpose of FGD was to find out directly the critical level of all Mapanza members about the current situation regarding People Living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) in the community. From this, it will also be linked to actions that need to be carried out as an appropriate solution to the problems regarding to HIV / AIDS, especially the community’s stigma towards PLWHA.

Indra said currently, there are still a lot of people who stay away with PLWHA. For Indra, it was a wrong action and unfortunately it can still be found in the community.

As a layman, Indra had done that. But after knowing what ODHA is and what action must be taken to overcome it, his point of view started to change. According to him, PLWHA need more attention so they can fight for their lives.

“PLWHA have their community in Social Service Office. They (fellow ODHA, ed) reinforce each other. Why people does not want to encourage them too? They need support from the community also.” said Indra who was concerned about the fate of PLHIV in the community.

Indra also said that at least as fellow living being, we must encourage each other so they can change. Even with small things, he continued, such as not avoiding and not being afraid to hold hands even shaking hands with them, actually will not cause transmission.

Focus Group Discussion was divided into two sessions. The first session was FGD with the theme raised on that day. Those who were there divided into four groups. Among them were PLWHA group, PLWHA families, layman, and the government.

Furthermore, in the second session a sharing session was held with Sidoarjo Anti Narcotics Ambassador, Iga Rahma. She is a fourth semester student from Faculty of Nursing UNAIR batch 2017, and also a member of UK-Mapanza UNAIR.

“We should never distinguish between PLWHA and non-PLWHA. Because that difference causes them to become more isolated. We hope that students can take care of themselves. ” (*)


Author: Dhea Meidiana

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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