Support Environmental Movement by Joining FISIP Trash Challenge!

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FISIP Trash Challenge Poster. (Illustration: Committee)

UNAIR NEWS – Earlier, internet was enlivened by the trend of uploading photos or videos with certain challenges on social media. In fact, these kind of trend has gone viral on social media. For instance: Kiki Challenge, Momo Challenge, Falling Star Challenge, and many more.

The phenomenon apparently inspired Ministry of Community Service (Pengmas) Student Executive Body (BEM) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga to create a new program, FISIP Trash Challenge. A movement for all of campus academics to be more concerned with environmental cleanliness.

FISIP Trash Challenge is a challenge to upload environmental love-themed photos on Instagram. The requirement is the photos must meet the criteria determined by the committee.

First, participants should find a place that is dirty or prone to rubbish. Then, participants must take photos of the place before cleaning the rubbish. After that, the participants took pictures of the place that had been cleaned (after photo).

Do not forget to write a description or creative caption to encourage people on social media, maximum 100 characters. Finally, participants must include the hashtag #FISIPUNAIR #PENGMASBEMFISIP #GerakanUNAIRLove #FISIPTRASHCHALLENGE and tag the photo with @bemfisipunair. The photos should be uploaded no longer than March 29, 2019.

There were two categories of photos contested, individual and groups photos consists 2-4 people. The best photo will depend on the amount of rubbish in the photo, creativity and number of likes.

“This was a new project from Ministry of Social Affairs, BEM FISIP itself. God willing, if the enthusiasm of UNAIR academics are massive then we will continue this project every year.” said Amelia Sri Hardiani, who was in charge of the program.

Example of FISIP Trash Challenge competition. (Photo: Courtesy)

Meanwhile Minister of Community Relations BEM FISIP UNAIR Manuel Agri revealed that FISIP Trash Challenge is not only for FISIP students, but it is open to all UNAIR academics.

“Here, I invite all faculties to implement the program with the aim of advancing UNAIR’s name and protecting the environment,” he said.

He hoped that FISIP Trash Challenge could indirectly improve the spirit of community service for UNAIR students. At the same time foster a sense of responsibility for the cleanliness of surrounding environment.

In addition, the committee has prepared interesting prizes for the winners of individual photos & group photos. The best photo winner will be announced on March 30, 2019 on Instagram account of BEM FISIP UNAIR.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s support FISIP Trash Challenge movement and show that you are young generation who cares about environmental cleanliness. (*)

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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