Cleaning Up Program and Posting Meme Enliven BEM FIB Community Service

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UNAIR Faculty of Humanities students while cleaning student center area. (Photo: Aditya)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Humanities (FIB) organized  cleaning up program. The event was given the name of Bersih-Bersih Fakultas (BBF) and Gerakan Pungut Sampah (GPS). Cleaning-up program was held on Thursday, March 14 2019.

Bersih-Bersih Fakultas was initiated by Ministry of Community Service (Pengmas) BEM FIB UNAIR. The cleaning up program was conducted to create a cozy atmosphere for FIB academics in conducting activities.

The target area were canteen, student center (SC), and musholla. The three places was choosen because there were still a lot of scattered garbage. The committee prepared several tools such as brooms, mops, duster, and plastic bags to clean up trash.

Head of Ministry of Community Services BEM FIB UNAIR, Intan Fitri Hilza said this program was able to encourage students to maintain cleanliness. The cozy atmosphere will be created to grow awareness in maintaining cleanliness.

“In addition, we (Pengmas BEM FIB, ed) will post several posters and memes in the corner of faculty area” said Intan.” The purpose was not only as education purpose but also a reminder for us,” he added.

The work program carried out by Community Service BEM FIB was planned to be held every three months.

Intan hopes FIB academics will be able to maintain the cleanliness of the faculty. She made faculty environment as her learning experience before going directly into the community. The sensitivity for surrounding environment will grow from there.

Several people involved in this program consisted of 14 members and some members of student organization (ormawa) at FIB. Every student organization sent 2 delegates to participate in this program.

“Earlier, we contacted student organization in FIB to clean the faculty,” said Intan.

Meanwhile, Head of BEM FIB Mochammad Sholeh Pratama said that the activity was a concrete form of tri dharma of higher education. One of Tri Dharma content is devotion.

“Through this activity, students not only become cleaners, but also able to educate students to maintain the surrounding enviroment.” he added. (*)

Writer: Aditya Novrian

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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