Publishing Seven Novels, Fida Aifiya Chusna Achieves Best Seller Ranking

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FIDA AIFIYA CHUSNA, Law student who has published seven novels. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Student of Faculty of Law batch 2017, Fida Aifiya Chusna, a woman from Blitar who is often called Fida. Currently,  she has published seven novels since  she was in elementary school. High literacy interest has been embedded in Fida’s soul since 4th grade. Then she published her first novel since in 5th grade.

Being student in Faculty of Law does not necessarily make Fida’s productivity in writing decrease. Fida always tries to make her time to write.

She have been rejected by several publishers when she was in junior high school. However, this did not discourage her to study and work. All her hard work paid off, she succeeded in publishing three novels and one of her novels entitled “Daruma-San”.

“The novel was a best seller until it was reprinted in the same month. This was an extraordinary achievement for me, “she said.

Since being a freshmen in college, Fida became increasingly productive. Moreover, the number of novels that she wrote has reached seven books now.

Surprisingly, besides she has passion in writing, Fida is also an working in graphic design and active in organization. Furthermore, Fida is also known as Head of Media Division and UNAIR Garuda Sakti Information for 2019 period.

“Learning in Faculty of Law does not close her to the world. I can express myself through my talent.” she concluded.

Furthermore, Fida managed to get a high score of GPA 3.71. She explained that by doing various activities outside campus, starting from writing to the organization can help her in managing time. Fida can be inspiration for UNAIR students to be more active and productive in cultivating their talents. (*)


Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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