Faculty of Pharmacy Preserves Culture through Kamis Berbatik

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UNAIR Faculty of Pharmacy students wears batik as a form of participation in Thursday Batik program. (Photo: Sukma Cindra Pratiwi)

UNAIR NEWS – Being a student in millennial era is a challenge in itself. Currently, in the midst of heavy flow of communication, students as the younger generation should be able to maintain national culture so it will not eroded by the times.

Inviting millennial students to recognize and love the culture was certainly not an easy things to do. It took various innovations with high creativity to determine the right way.

That was the reason for Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) students at Universitas Airlangga to hold Kamis Berbatik movement. As the name implies, every Thursday all of UNAIR students required to wear batik.

This program has been initiated since two years ago and has always received a positive response from students. This program held continuously every week.

Kamis Berbatik program was one of the efforts from Faculty of Pharmacy  to show that in the midst of globalization era, students are ready to preserve Indonesian culture. It does not close the possibility in the future that there will be similar programs developed in Faculty of Pharmacy.

“The purpose of Kamis Berbatik was for Faculty of Pharmacy’s student to love and preserve the nation’s culture. So far, the response from fellow students has always been good. Students were interested with this program.” explained Firmansyah Ardian Ramadhani, Head of BEM FF UNAIR.

“In essence, we want to start from a simple thing. The first step can be done by using batik. Then the next step can be further developed in other programs with the theme of nationalism and Indonesian culture. We believe that simple thing can give a big impact, “he continued.

In order for students to participate, BEM FF UNAIR was keen to promote this program through their social media. They also asked students to post their photos wearing batik, thus the program would become more widely known by the public, especially UNAIR academics.

“We expressed our gratitude to friends who have actively participated. We hope that the program can contribute in preserving national culture. Hopefully in the future this program can continue to develop and innovate.” said Firmansyah. (*)

Author: Sukma Cindra Pratiwi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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