Prasojo Library Activist Gives Scientific Oration in UNAIR History Studies Anniversary

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YUNAZ Ali Akbar Karaman, Prasojo Library literacy activist gave speeches at 21st Pre-Anniversary History Studies of Faculty Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga on Wednesday, March 13. (Photo: Rama)

UNAIR NEWS – Yunaz Ali Akbar Karaman, Prasojo library literacy activist gave a scientific oration at Pre-Anniversary History Studies Faculty of Humanities Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) on Wednesday 1, 2019. He is one of history student batch 2015. It is known that the event was held as part of commemorating 21st anniversary of History Studies UNAIR.

As the first speaker, Yunaz raised the title of the oration with “Books in City Space Shelves”. He highlighted the existence of books in Indonesia, which had long been regarded as a life partner in society.

“Agus Irwanto opinion in Kraton dan Literasi Budaya, Indonesia has known and undergone a noble literacy culture such as manuscripts or ancient manuscripts,” said Yunaz who is also a former chairman of BEM FIB UNAIR.

Furthermore, the agenda to educate the nation’s life is one of the main ideals of 1945 Constitution. From there, the role of books is also a key in achieving these noble ideals.

Moreover, he believes that books are not only to provide information at this time. But we can learn from the past and future event.

“Books can also stimulate readers to sharpen their minds by opening the book itself” explained the student from Malang.

Currently, there are several libraries socializing about literacy. In addition, in the line with city infrastructure development such as hotels, housing, and entertainment venues. It will be a strength to place book in every corner of the city.

“I would be very proud if I see dirty and messy books being read by people in office, mall, and even the bus stop” said Yunaz.

“Because it can be a reflection of civilization to the world that we have a noble tradition with good literacy,” he concluded. (*)


Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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