Fildza’s Story Winning Bronze in Sebelas Maret Cup

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Fildza Mahira
Fildza Mahira (second from the right) won a bronze medal at Sebelas Maret Cup XI Championship, March 8-10, 2019. (Photo: Personal documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Being active in karate since high school, the 2017 UNAIR Faculty of Law student, Fildza Mahira, participates in various national and international karate competitions. Not long ago, she won a bronze medal in Female Individual Kumite +68 Kg class, in Sebelas Maret (Semar) Cup XI Championship. It was held from March 8 to 10 at Sritex Arena, Solo. It was the first karate competition she participated in 2019.

Fildza’s motivation is none other than her desire to continue to excel and make achievements in the name of her alma mater. She admitted, what attracted her to karate was his father who also pursued a career in karate. In addition, she continued, karate is a unique martial art, from its historical and philosophical side.

Before the competition, Fildza always makes preparation so that she can perform well in the competition. The preparation is physical, technical, and mental.

“All those three must be prepared well so that we can perform optimally in the match and achieve the expected target,” she said.

For Semar Cup XI competition, Fildza and her friends have been practicing since February 5, 2019. Besides regular practices, she always tries to be confident, brave, and listen to what the coach says.

“I am quite grateful for the results, this result also motivates me to train even harder,” she said.

Interesting Opponent

There is an interesting story when she reached semifinals of Semar Cup XI. Her opponent in the semifinal was an old classmate.

“My opponent in the semifinals was my classmate in Commercial Law class who used to sit next to me. Her name is Nikita, she is a Tadulako University student who temporarily attended UNAIR Faculty of Law due to a tsunami in Palu,” said the girl born in Jakarta, May 11, 1999.

“I was surprised when she (Nikita, ed) still remembered and addressed me,” she added.

Despite having to compete with her old friend, Fildza tried to be professional. Both of them even advanced to the final round and won the championship medal. Fildza is third, while Nikita is in first place.

Fildza advised other fellow students to always make the best of their time and opportunity.

“Use your time as best as possible, do useful activities, make every opportunity as a door to progress and excel,” said the gold medalist at International Shoto Karate-Do Championship, India. (*)

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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