FIB BEM and Ormawa Holds Intellectual Forum in Response to Massive Information Flow

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FIB Student Executive Board (BEM) Head, Moch. Sholeh Pratama
FIB Student Executive Board (BEM) Head, Moch. Sholeh Pratama explains his hopes to all student organization representatives in Chairil Anwar Hall FEB. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – As academics, students are required to be agents of change by upholding Higher Education Tri Dharma. One of efforts is through research and development carried out on and off campus. Students can take part in competitions outside campus as a form of service. However, this was a problem for Faculty of Humanities (FIB) of Universitas Airlangga due to declining reading level in the scientific field.

Responding to these problems, Ministry of Academic, Student Executive Board Achievement (Akpres BEM) FIB UNAIR held an Intellectual Forum on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 in Chairil Anwar Hall, 2nd Floor of FIB UNAIR. The activity was attended and led by Adnan Guntur as Minister of Academic and Achievement (Akpres) BEM FIB and all student organizations’ representatives in FIB UNAIR.

Adnan said that the main problem we face is the lack of student interest in scientific activitiesHe hoped that by holding an intellectual forum, he can find a solution to overcome this problem.

“In addition to finding solutions to the problems faced, the activity aims to maintain synergy between BEM and student organizations of FIB,” he added.

Adnan continued, BEM FIB Akpres Ministry will also prepare an inspiring forum that will be held every month by presenting outstanding alumni or students. It aims to motivate FIB students to contribute in the scientific field.

Moch. Sholeh Pratama as the Head of BEM FIB explained his hopes to other students so they can be more active in reading and understanding the latest issues. So that students will never be left behind by the massive flow of information and variety of achievements can also be made.

“Hopefully in the future, scientific climate at FIB will be more passionate and it will be marked by more funded PKM proposals. Not only that, students are expected to be able to promote their achievements both academically and non-academically, “he said.

Before ending the activity, Adnan invited all participants to become pioneers and contribute directly to improve the scientific climate of FIB. So students will be better prepared to face the challenges ahead. (*)


Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


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