UNAIR Graduation, From Photo Contest, Patrol Music to Piyu Padi Performance

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Alumni Enlivened Graduation Day: Piyu Padi performed in UNAIR Graduation. (Photo: Fariz Ilham R)

UNAIR NEWS – Graduation is indeed a very memorable moment for every student. As the peak moment of a study,it is supposed to be filled with excitement and blissful moments for students and their relatives or family.

For this reason, Universitas Airlangga continues to make various efforts and create an unforgettable moment. The graduation ceremony which was held on 9-10 March 2019, UNAIR brought several vibrant activities which enlivened the event.

  1. Photo Contest

Photo contest in graduation day was held to enliven the event on social media. This activity, which was pioneered directly by Information and Public Relations Center, became one of the activities on social media especially Instagram to celebrate this happy moment.

Dr. Suko Widodo as Head of PIH UNAIR said that the activity was a way for UNAIR to provide a space for graduates to show the excitement and happy atmosphere in their graduation day on social media.

Moreover, the most interesting photo will get a prize and this was a way to attract the interest of all graduates to capture their blissful moments on of social media.

“We want this graduation moment to be unforgettable moment for graduates and families,” Suko explained.

  1. Patrol music

“Dung … dung … dung … dung .. dung dung ..” That was the sound echoed around Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) Campus C UNAIR before the graduation ceremony. Patrol Music, also enlivened the excitement of the graduation held at ACC Campus C UNAIR.

The presence of patrol music is one of the ways to welcome the crowd and the excitement of graduates before entering ACC building and shortly after the graduation ceremony.

“In the past several graduation periods, we also delivered patrol music to enliven the event. Thus, we want this to be a festive moment inside and outside as well.” said Suko.

  1. Piyu Padi as a Guest Star

Regarding to the excitement of the graduation procession inside ACC building, the committee team also presented Piyu Padi to entertain graduates and their families. At least three songs were presented by the vocalist who was also an alumnus of Faculty of Economics and Business in UNAIR.

The song “sobat” was the opening act for Piyu Padi. Suddenly, when the song was sung by him, everyone were clapped their hand in ACC Campus C building, UNAIR. The famous musician who graduated from UNAIR was there to motivates all of the graduates.

  1. Greetings from foreign student’s representative

There were representatives for foreign students. Stanley Elias from Tanzania as the best Master graduation Faculty of Humanities, UNAIR. In his presentation, he showed his gratitude for all the people who had supported and provided a lot of assistance to him during his studies at UNAIR, especially for AGE.

“In the future, I want to practice and apply all of the knowledge obtained during my study in UNAIR for my country, Tanzania,” explained Stanley.

  1. Live Streaming

To provide access for everyone who cannot attend directly in ACC, the committee team also gave access with live streaming through youtube channel. Thus, everyone can participate in seeing graduation process which took place at ACC Campus C, UNAIR.

Live streaming via youtube can be accessed directly by the entire community. Starting from graduation procession until it is finished.

“This is our way to make graduation as unforgettable moment for everyone” concluded Suko.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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