Journalists Challenges in the Disrupted Era

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UNAIR NEWS – Easy access to receive information has resulted a number of problems. According to Secretary of Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) Universitas Airlangga Dr. Imron Mawardi SP., M.Si., said currently society faced two models of news flow. Apart from being a trend, it was greatly influenced by technology development through internet and devices.

First, there are interesting news widespread on internet but the news context itself is not really important. Second, there are important news but it’s not widely reported in media.

“Not all news are real news. Moreover, not all of news needs to be reported” said the former Jawa Pos editor on Thursday, March 07, 2019 in Kahuripan 301, 3 floor, UNAIR Management Office.

Providing material on writing techniques in 2019 Journalism School (Batch 1), Dr. Imron emphasized that being a journalist should be able to combine the two models of reporting. A journalist should be able to inform something important, but in a very interesting way.

“So, the point is journalists should be able to write something important in an interesting way,” he said.

Raising the case of drug research among students, Dr. Imron explained his point of view and focus of value in the news. An interesting information to report, depends on how a journalist puts an ideology or function emphasized in it.

“The function of the press are to inform, to educate, to entertain, and to control the social,” he said.

In addition, a journalist should be able to distinguish factual points of view and opinions in the news. News is in accordance with the facts. Therefore, writing with a perspective that is subjective must be minimized.

“Don’t write factual news with opinion writing model. You should not write an opinion as if they were facts.” he added.

Dr. Imron explained, the writing technique news that widely used is inverse triangle technique, the lead or headline (opening paragraph) describes and emphasizes context of the news.

“Next is the supporting explanation or exposure whose value is not so important compared to the previous paragraph” he said.

In the end, Dr. Imron said that journalist needs to consider news value. There are ten news values ​​that needs to be considered. Such as actual values, dramatic, spectacular, informative, exclusive, personable, human interest, unique, closeness (space and emotions), and other angles (different).

Take a note, 2019 Journalistic School (Batch I) was held by UNAIR through Information and Public Relations Center. A number of cross-faculty students attended the event. In addition to increase student literacy interest, this activity provided students with supplies in the world of writing. Moreover, the event intended to recruit writers for campus news website, (*)


Author: Feri Fenoria

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