Impressions and Messages of Cabinet Minister After Service at BEM UNAIR 2018

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2018 BEM KM UNAIR Cabinet after Report Hearing. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Serving as minister is certainly a big achievement. Without a minister, Head of BEM (Student Executive Board) may not be able to fulfill his mandate properly and responsibly. For this reason, UNAIR NEWS summarizes the messages and impressions of several cabinet ministers after serving their tenure.

Dani Gadang, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Hublu)

Dani Gadang served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was quite challenging for him. Work programs with external parties or guests demanded Gadang and friends to be able to serve them all well. Gadang is very grateful because from his experience he can learn about good public relations.

“I hope it will be better, progressive and be a ministry that can maintain trust from external parties,” said Gadang.

Rosita, Minister of Quality Assurance (PNM)

The most memorable thing for Rosita by serving as a minister and being part of PNM is when she can meet and cooperate with the best people and be able to support each other. In addition, Rosita is also grateful that she can meet helpful and friendly team members.

“I hope PNM and BEM UNAIR will be better and evaluations from public LPJ are not only recorded but can also be improved. For all prospective new BEM UNAIR administrators, please keep upholding commitments and never run away from the responsibilities you have,” Rosita said.

Vigo, Minister of Human Resources Development(PSDM)

Vigo felt a bit of joy and sadness while serving as minister. He is sad, because he believed that he could work more optimally in improving the quality of human resources at UNAIR. He is happy, because he can contribute for UNAIR even though it was only a bit. With his experience, Vigo was motivated to develop and contribute more to responsibility as students and the next generation of the nation.

“Thank you to all my family at PSDM. Keep upholding the principles of memayu hayuning bawono, memayu hayuning sasomo, memayu hayuning kulowargo and memayu hayuning diri. Keep up the struggle,  said Vigo.

Hismoyo, Minister of Communication and Information (Kominfo)

Hismoyo felt he gained a lot of new experiences and lessons. Moreover, by becoming a minister he can learn to lead and know the progress in Communication and Information.

“Hopefully in the future, Kominfo will be able build internal teamwork first so that it can be more coordinated,” said Hismoyo.

Bobby, Minister of Social and Politics (Sospol)

By becoming a minister, Bobby felt that he can actualize his idealism and keep learning. Moreover, as a student majoring in political science, Bobby felt that sospol ministry was a learning space appropriate for his discipline. In addition, Bobby was also happy because he could work together with great people. The problems faced were also considered mental training.

“For the next BEM UNAIR and all students, before starting the movement, we should first be aware. We, some students must understand our role as well and follow our  idealis. Because like Tan Malaka said, we must be able to maintain idealism because idealism is the last victory that young people have, “Bobby said.

Zuama, Minister of Women’s Empowerment

Zuama hopes that every program made by his ministry can have a positive impact on Airlangga’s women in particular and society in general.

“We are blessed with reasoning, we are blessed with faith, and bodies to work. Think, worship and work,” said Zuama.

Satria Aji, Minister of Community Service

Although serving as a minister required Aji to sacrifice a number of lectures, but Aji did not regret because he believes in Surah Muhammad: 7. Aji believes that God knows that he is helping his religion by sharing with community and helping those who are fighting for good .

“Don’t stop making contribution to others,” Aji said.

Yuda, Cabinet Secretary (Seskab)

Being a minister is a new experience for Yuda. There were many things he learned and gained related to SOP at university level. Yuda also knew a lot of things on university level bureaucracy.

“For Ministry of Secretariat, the equal distribution of tasks between the director general of administration and the directorate general of secretariat should be balanced. Yuda also hoped there will be special bureau which handles the certificate, ” Yuda said.

Opik, Minister of Finance

Opik has learned a lot from serving as a minister. He now understands that finance and accounting are expensive and necessary knowledge in all organizations.

“I hope all student organizations in UNAIR will be better in financial management and financial reporting,” Opik said.

Jemmi, Minister of Professional Development and Entrepreneurship (PPK)

Jemmi was very grateful that BEM Head and Deputy trusted him as a minister. Jemmi hopes that with the end of the tenure, all UNAIR academics can gain a great impact from PPK ministry.

“For whoever replaces my position, I hope they can bring the name of PPK better and even bring PPK to a positive direction for the entire community,” Jemmi said.

Qibti, Internal Campus Minister (Inkam)

By becoming a Minister of Inkam Qibti has come out of her comfort zone. Qibti also hopes that Inkam will be able to strengthen ties with faculties and provide many benefits to the students such as by facilitating UKT appeals.

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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