Announcement of Best Third and Fourth Echelon Officials Closes Staff Work Meeting

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Staff awards
Vice Rector II Dr. Muhammad Madyan, SE., M.Si, M.Fin. presents the award certificate to Basuni, Drs., M.M. as Head of Administration of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) during Third and Fourth Echelon work meeting. (Photo: Aditiya Gita Rahmatullah)

UNAIR NEWS – Appreciation on the staff performance in Universitas Airlangga  Airlangga University closed 2019 UNAIR staff work meeting in Solo. The best Third and Fourth Echelon officials in work units of faculties and central office management were announced directly by UNAIR leaders.

Being held for two days, on Friday, March 1, 2019 and Saturday, March 2, 2019 in Solo, the work meeting was addressed to the head of sub directorates (Kasubdit), head of division (Kabag), and Head of Subdivision (Kasubbag). This time the work meeting was themed: Staff Synergy Towards UNAIR Top 500 World.

Director of Human Resources (HR) Dr. Purnawan Basundoro S.S., M. Hum., immediately announced the names of outstanding officials. There were two categories, three best third echelon officials and three best fourth echelon officials.

“This appreciation is part of uniting the enthusiasm between staff so they are motivated to make achievements, both individually and in their work units, in the future,” he said.

Dr. Purnawan said that the assessment of staff performance was carried out long ago. Not only carried out by parties from central office management, but also from closest people from each of the outstanding officials.

“The synergy and achievements of each unit is expected to bring more success to Universitas Airlangga in the future,” he added.

Three Best Third Echelon Officials

The three best third echelon officials who got awards were Hj Surati, S. Sos as Head of Treasury Sub Directorate of Directorate of Finance, Basuni, Drs., MM as head of Administration Division of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), and Guntoro, S.E., as head of Administration Division of Faculty of Humanities (FIB).

Hj Surati started her career in UNAIR since 1983. She started in Personnel division for a month, she was later transferred to Finance Department until now. For Hj Surati, the key to success undergoing her work was her sincere intention, working to worship. Therefore, work related burden can be minimized.

“Be the person needed. So, being a professional is very important, “she said.

Basuni began his career at UNAIR in 1988. He also has had position in several units in UNAIR, such as in the field of data management, information systems department, Universitas Airlangga Hospital, Postgraduate School, and in 2017 began a career at Faculty of Economics and Business.

“I have worked at UNAIR for 30 years. UNAIR has provided an opportunity for anyone to work and improve,” he said.

Finally, Guntoro started his career at UNAIR in 1993. However, he always improve his skills. So at the beginning of work, Guntoro went to college. In addition, he also followed courses. And finally, for his current achievements, Guntoro became the Head of Division in Faculty of Humanities.

“Do not ever complain. And, don’t stop making innovations for the progress of university, “he said.

Three Best Fourth Echelon Officials

Meanwhile, the three best fourth echelon officials were also announced. The first winner was Ari Purwati, S.E., as Head of Integrated Service Unit of University Secretary unit. Then, the second winner was Dwi Sulistiyarini, SH, as Head of Human Resources Development Division of Directorate of Human Resources. And, the third winner was Farid Andriansyah Zakaria, S.Kom., As the Head of Sub-Division of Administration in Library unit.

Ari Purwati started working in 2003, at Faculty of Humanities and then placed in the Language Center. In 2008, she was transferred to Public Relations and Protocol Division. Until 2018, Ari was assigned to ULT. The key to working, for Ari, is to prioritize discipline and to give the best results.

Next, Dwi Sulistiyarini strongly adheres to the appreciation of time. For her, utilizing time is very important in working. In addition, the intention to worship needs to be developed in carrying out hard work.

In addition to getting appreciation, the announcement was expected to maximize the staff role in developing the university in the future. In the end, the targets mandated by government and university can be achieved. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria


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