UNAIR Facilitates Students to Vote

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BEM KM UNAIR Election Service Post. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Welcoming the democratic party on April 17, 2019, Student Executive Board (BEM) UNAIR with BEM of Faculty of Business Economics (FEB), Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB), and Political Science Student Association (HIIMAPOL) set up a Election Service post so they do not have to return to their hometown to vote. It is a form of collaboration between UNAIR and Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU), East Java KPU and Surabaya KPU to facilitate academics who want to use their right to vote.

Iqbal Adi, the Head of the Election Service Post committee, said that the reason behind the implementation of this program was some input from several UNAIR students, especially the students from different regions who wanted them to vote in Surabaya.

“Finally we try to set it up (service post) in UNAIR. We want to facilitate all UNAIR community members. KPU is greatly helped by this. They also support us fully for this, ” explained the student of Faculty of Humanities.

Iqbal revealed that there were many students not from the city who enthusiastically registered themselves at the Election Service Post. He was grateful, the program received a positive response from all academics.

“Alhamdulillah, they are very happy with this, as on average they are busy. To get A5 form at Surabaya Election Commission needs a long time. So their response is very good,” he explained.

For UNAIR residents who wanted to register, they visited one of the service posts located in three UNAIR campuses. For Campus A, it was located in Central Field of Faculty of Dental Medicine, for Campus B UNAIR, it was in front of Language Center Building (Pinlab), while for Campus C, it was located in front of the Management Office Building.

Registrants simply carry a photocopy of National Identity Card (KTP) and Student Identity Card (especially for students). The Post operated from Wednesday, Feb. 27 to Thursday, Feb. 28 opened at 09.00 and closed at 17.00 local time.

“We promise to support and secure all election activities, and we also promise that voters in UNAIR will exceed 300 voters,” said Galuh Tedja Sakti, as Head of 2018 BEM UNAIR.

At the moment, UNAIR is also making efforts so the voting activities can be done in campus. So students just need to go to polling station (TPS) in campus to vote.

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari


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