Psychology Students Perform Community Service in Kenjeran Surabaya

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PSIBERIA children participants while playing games and dancing. (Photo: Hilmi Putra Pradana)

UNAIR NEWS – Airlangga Knights keep giving happiness to people around them. In a form of community service activity, the new students of psychology UNAIR in 2018 helped the community in Kenjeran.

Located at Integrated Link Post (PPT) Yasmin, Jl. Sukolilo Prohibition No. 99, community service titled ‘Psiberia’ was conducted. Performed on Saturday on last week of February 23, this activity is character building process for new students in Faculty of Psychology.

“As a parent, I hope you can learn from Ir. Soekarno. With his great spirit, this country could be better” said Haji Imam who represented RW 01 while giving a speech.

The program was attended by five RTs, namely RT 01-05. In RW 01 this was attended by vice Dean I of faculty of psychology, Dr. Nur Ainy Fardana Nawangsari, M.Si, Psychologist.

In the beginning of this activities series, participants enlivened the event with several preparation. One of them is Jainul. He wants to be a soccer player and makes funny joke, so Jainul recites poetry in his appearance.

“You knew that she doesn’t love you back but you keep trying to get her”. said Jainal while reading the poem, which was intended for UNAIR student. It made them laugh .

The program then continued by separating between children and their parents to do different activities. Children are taught about how to wash hands properly and correctly. While parents do a little race between RT representatives. Parents are encouraged to cooperate with road races on cardboard boxes, balloon popping competitions, and rujak making competitions.

After lunch break, the event continued with a puppet theater from UNAIR psychology students. Guided by Inez and Dilla, they introduced Cici, Momo, and Geri, figures in the story of the puppet theater.

“Cici, cici… please come out” shouted the participants called Cici on the stage.

This puppet theater tells about throwing trash in its place and be responsible for disposing of garbage without waiting for the janitor. Everyone was excited and happy during the activity.

With the existence of community service, the community can be helped and bring gratitude to students as organizers.


Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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