FEB UNAIR Delegation Wins in Four Categories

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FOUR UNAIR delegates won the first and third place in Islamic Economic Call for Paper and second and third place winner in Islamic Economic Intelligence Quiz branch. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Several UNAIR delegates from Faculty of Student Activity Unit (UKMF) AcSES (Association of Sharia Economics Studies) successfully won four categories in Faculty of Economics and Management (FEMFEST) competition. The competition is an annual agenda organized by Faculty of Economics and Management of University of Darussalam Gontor, Ponorogo on Monday – Wednesday, February 18-20 2019.

There were at least three branches contested in the competition. Among them were Islamic Economic Call for Paper, Islamic Economic Intelligence Quiz, and Islamic Economic Debate Competition. 2019 is the second year of this competition. Moreover, our neighbor country Malaysia also took part in the competition.

“From UNAIR, there were four teams and all of them won in this competition,” said Sholikudin Alawy, who is also a delegate from UNAIR.

Alawy said, four teams from UNAIR succeeded in bringing two categories from the branch of Islamic Economic Call for Paper (CFP) and two categories from the branch of Islamic Economic Intelligence Quiz (IQ). At CFP branch, UNAIR team won in a first place presented by Muhammad Ruliszar (Management 2016), Zahro Ubaydilla (Islamic Economics 2017), and Arva Athallah Susanto (Islamic Economics 2018) and third place presented by Irma Yanti (Economics Development 2017) , Yenny Novita Sari (Islamic Economics 2017), and Tsanya El Karima (Accounting 2018).

Furthermore, UNAIR IQ branch won second place by Muhammad Fauzan Mubarok ( Economics Development 2018), Siti Munawaroh (Economic Development 2017), and Husnul Hotimah (Islamic Economics 2018), and third place by Sholikudin Alawy (Islamic Economics 2017), Elok Aprilia Imroatus Soliha (Islamic Economics 2017), and Mar’atus Sholikah (Islamic Economics 2017).

“In CFP branch, we raised the topic of village granary program innovation in Malang Regency (first place winner) and sharia based hostel innovation in Enkarang district, Sulawesi (third place winner),” he explained.

Alawy said certainly that it was not easy to win. However, with Allah permission, all delegates from UNAIR managed to bring the prize and make the name of Universitas Airlangga proud.

“Don’t just go to campus, go out! There is a lot of knowledge that we must pursue out there.” he concluded. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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