Rihlah Strengthens Ties UKMKI UNAIR

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Rihlah UNAIR
After conducting a comparative Study at UGM and UNY Campus Mosques, UNAIR Islamic Student Religious Activities Unit (UKMKI) took a vacation to Cemoro Sewu Beach, Bantul, Yogyakarta (Photo: Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS  – At Nurruzzaman Mosque Campus B, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) on Thursday, Feb. 21, Diki Febrianto, Head of UNAIR Islamic Student Religious Activities Unit (UKMKI), explained about Rihlah activity in Yogyakarta held in early February.

According to him, Rihlah is a study tour to Campus Da’wah Institution (LDK) aimed to formulate a work program and to strengthen ties between the management of UKMKI UNAIR.

During Rihlah, said Diki, the management of UNAIR UKMKI visited various places, such as UGM Campus Mosque, Al Mujahidin Mosque in UNY, Cemoro Sewu Beach, Becici Summit, Malioboro, and Jogokariyan Mosque.

In UGM and UNY mosques, the management of UNAIR UKMKI discussed with UGM Sholahudin congregation and UKKI UNY to learn about the ways of preaching and management of syiar optimization from the two campus mosque organizations.

“It was done to build the foundation of ukhwah (unity, ed) in the beginning of organization and to share similar vision for the future,” said Diki, a student from UNAIR Historical Studies.

Furthermore, from the meeting, Diki revealed that there were many positive feedbacks received by participants. For example, administrators who initially did not know each other became familiar during the activities.

“Because from each of these activities, we conduct team building as an effort to make the management get to know each other,” Diki said.

After Rihlah, Diki hoped that the value of ukhwah Islamiyah instilled in the hearts of all UKMKI administrators. Because according to him, UKMKI management will face challenges in the future.

“So with the holding of these activities, we all understand, that the unity of Muslims is above all, above khilfiyah fiqh, above the matter of political and other views. The division of Muslims is too severe, then UKMKI must truly become a role model for the unity of Indonesian people, at least at the level of UNAIR students,” said Diki.

It should be noted that Rihlah activities in Yogyakarta are purely the result of a joint venture of around 150 management of 2019 UKMKI UNAIR. Islamic organizations want to show that money is not an obstacle.

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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