PPKK Encourages UNAIR Banyuwangi PSDKU Students to Use PMW

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UNAIR NEWS – The Center for Career and Entrepreneurship Development (PPKK) disseminates information on Entrepreneurial Student Program (PMW) for PSDKU Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi students, Thursday 21 February 2019. The dissemination held at Sobo Campus Room MA203 emphasized UNAIR Banyuwangi students to take advantage the golden opportunity available regarding entrepreneurship.

PMW is a program aimed at students who have entrepreneurial interests and talents or have entrepreneurial experience ( start up / pilot stage ) so they can become scholars who have entrepreneurial spirit.

Explained by Tri Siwi Agustina as the representative of PPKK, that PMW has several targets that must be achieved, such as creation of new entrepreneurs among students, the realization of entrepreneurship education models in accordance with the conditions and characteristics, as well as the growth and development of student entrepreneurship management institutions in campus environment.

“We are oriented PMW towards job creators, not job seekers,” she said.

Not only explaining the flow of PMW activities, but Tri also provided various tips for entrepreneurship, as well as motivations that increase the enthusiasm of participants to be entrepreneurs such as market segmentation, target markets, determining product excellence, customer relations, and product creations.

From these various tips, she emphasized more about the target market. According to her the target market is important, because it determines the group of consumers potential in buying and using products / services.

“It’s useless if our ideas are good, our products are cool, but the market is wrong. I take a simple example, you sell children’s toys in front of high school, there must be few who buy, ” she said.

According to her there are 3 targets in entrepreneurship in the modern era, long tail business model, multi-sided platform, and freemium . However, the most common and felt by communities is Freemium .

“The freemium is a business model that offers services for free to attract consumers, which in the end lead them to become customers. For examples, Spotify and joox, you use often, ” she explained.

Before the dissemination activities ended, she also gave a little motivation to the participants who attended, so that participants will be more interested in entrepreneurship.

“You might know Elisabeth, your senior from the Accounting program, she was a student at PMW program and currently she has her own onigiri business. So take advantage of this opportunity. PMW is not present in all universities. UNAIR fortunately is one of the 8 universities chosen by Ministry of Research and Technology to run PMW program,” she concluded. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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