BSO MYMA Releases Book on Law

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FH UNAIR BSO releases book
Seven students of FH UNAIR, authors of a book entitled " Yuris Muda : Bunga Rampai Ilmu Hukum Masyrakat Yuris Muda Airlangga." (Personal documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Semi-autonomous Body (BSO) Airlangga Young Jurist Society (MYMA) Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga is a BSO engaged in the field of debate and writing. If in the previous year BSO had won 8 legal debate contests, this year BSO MYMA released their first legal book. The first legal book was titled ” Yuris Muda : Bunga Rampai Ilmu Hukum Masyarakat Yuris Muda Airlangga.”

This book was written by seven students, Jihan Anjania as lead author, Xavier Nugraha, Elma Putri, Alip Pamungkas Raharjo, Ave Maria Frisa Katherina, Cindy Cendhani, and Windy Agustin as members of writing team. This book is a collection of writings of UNAIR Faculty of Law students, from class of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The big theme is Innovation in Law and this book contains works on innovation in the development of law. It consists of innovations in civil law, constitutional law, administrative law, and even innovation in the development of Islamic law.

Jihan Anjania, as the lead author, said that initially she was doubtful whether there will be many works collected, because this is the first book of BSO MYMA.

“Initially in writing this book we had doubts whether many students will register their works? Because this is the first book of BSO MYMA. But over time, the enthusiasm for this book was so high. This can be seen from the number of works sent to us, “said Anjania.

In addition to having an ISBN, this book also received a foreword from one of the recipients of 3rd 2018 Muhammad Yamin (AKMY) Constitutional Award Dr. Herlambang Perdana Wiratraman, S.H., M.A.

“It is an honor for us to get a foreword from him. We did not expect that with his busy schedule, he still had time to write a foreword to our book, “said Xavier Nugraha, one of the authors of the book. (*)

Editor: Binti  Q. Masruroh


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