PSDKU Unair Banyuwangi Booth Enlivens 2019 Airlangga Education Expo

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UNAIR Rector, Prof. Nasih (center) with UNAIR Leaders while Reviewing PSDKU Banyuwangi booth Stand. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – Being part of Universitas Airlangga, PSDKU UNAIR campus in Banyuwangi also contributed directly to Surabaya in 2019 Airlangga Education Expo (AEE).

Airlangga Education Expo (AEE) 2019 was a series of educational exhibition activities involving all faculties and units in UNAIR which took place on 15 to 17 February 2019 at Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) Campus C. The purpose of AEE was a proof of UNAIR’s efforts as a education institution in providing information needed by the community.

Through direct instructions from Prof. Dr. Suryanto, M.Si., as Coordinator of PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi campus, 9 Banyuwangi UNAIR students were deployed to Surabaya to fill booth that has been prepared for UNAIR Banyuwangi campus.

Indra Wicaksono, one of the students who was deployed to Surabaya explained that it was one of the effort for branding UNAIR Banyuwangi campus itself in AEE 2019 series that contained information for the community.

“Thus, not only Banyuwangi people know about the existence of UNAIR Banyuwangi campus, but we tried to intoduce it to all of UNAIR academic community and wider community to learn more about UNAIR Banyuwangi campus,” he said.

Continuing the statement from Indra, Melan Argarini, as vice of Student Family (KM) who also attended to Surabaya, there were 9 students deployed consisted of 2 representative students from each study program and 1 representative from KM.

After a day of decorating and preparing UNAIR Banyuwangi booth on Thursday February 14, all of their hard work was paid off. Unexpectedly, high school students were interested in visiting UNAIR Banyuwangi booth, it was relatively crowded every day.

According to Melan, the most interesting thing at UNAIR Banyuwangi booth in 2019 was UNAIR Banyuwangi booth really stand out compared to other booth faculties.

“Thank God, UNAIR Banyuwangi stand was quite popular with visitors, because it does not only provides information centers, but there were some ornament that attract visitors eyes, such as aquascape and tourist photo background in Banyuwangi,” she said.

Visitors who attended were not only from Surabaya, there were even high school students from various regions who stopped by in UNAIR Banyuwangi stand, such as Lamongan, Bangkalan, Sidoarjo, Nganjuk, Mojokerto and Gresik.

After setting up a stand and serving the community at AEE 2019 show for 3 days, Melan hoped that UNAIR Banyuwangi PSDKU campus could attract wider community.

“For younger students, high school teachers and parents who have visited our booth, hopefully we gave a clear insight about UNAIR Banyuwangi in majors, locations, information channels, and departmental consultations based on our experience as PDSKU student,” she concluded .


Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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