UNAIR Outstanding Students Motivate Participants of AEE 2019

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oustanding students at AEE 2019
Wahyu Syafi’ul Mubarok from Faculty of Science and Technology (middle) and Neisya Pratiwindya Sudarsiwi from Faculty of Nursing (left) gives motivation to AEE 2019 participants. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – The second day of AEE 2019 was started with a discussion with Head of PPMB UNAIR and presentation from College Entrance Test Institute (LPMPT). There was also a talk show with UNAIR outstanding students (mawapres). There were two outstanding students invited to be speakers as well as motivators at the event, Wahyu Syafi’ul Mubarok from Faculty of Science and Technology and Neisya Pratiwindya Sudarsiwi from Faculty of Nursing.

In the talk show, Wahyu explained that in order to qualify as a UNAIR student, prospective students should be confident. Wahyu also reminded participants to ask their parents for blessings.

“Without parent’s  blessing, it is all nothing,” said Wahyu.

Wahyu also encouraged participants to choose their major carefully, the one that they like. One way to choose the right major, according to Wahyu is by knowing their skills.

Responding to one of the participants who felt insecure because he had been laughed at by people, thus Wahyu explained that he believed that humans are equal. What distinguishes each human being is their big dream.

A few years ago, Wahyu admitted that he wrote his dreams on a sheet of paper. One of them were going abroad and experiencing snow.

“Even though my family and friends laughed at those dreams, Alhamdulillah I managed to realize the dream and see the snow for the first time in 2018,” said Wahyu.

Hence, Wahyu assured that if participants have dreams and beliefs to reach their dream, then it will help them to maintain self-consistency in realizing their dream. In addition, Wahyu also encouraged participants to set priorities and prioritize the afterlife.

“Because if we prioritize our worship, God will help us in reaching our dreams.” said Wahyu.

Meanwhile, Neisya encouraged the participants who attended 2019 AEE to believe in themselves. According to him, when you believe yourself, there will be an urge to continue to realize dreams.

Moreover, Neisya also encouraged participants to set their goals. This is important, as our goals will help us maintain our consistency in reaching dreams.

“When you have the target that you want to achieve, it will help us maintaining consistency and persistence by learning and striving for our goals,” said Neisya.

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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