UNAIR Hospital Adds 16 Hemodialysis Machines to Improve Services

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UNAIR NEWS – The number of people with kidney failure is increasing 60% and all hospitals throughout Indonesia are improving their facilities, including Universitas Airlangga Hospital. One of the efforts made by Universitas Airlangga Hospital was adding 16 hemodialysis machines for patients with kidney failure.

The addition of this machines was inaugurated on the 6th floor of the UNAIR Hospital by Chairman of East Java Pernefri Dr. Pranawa, SpPD-KGH., and Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yogiantoro, Sp. PD-KGH, FINASIM., as a consultant doctor of renal hypertension, Feb. 14, 2019. The improved service aims to meet the increasing demand from the community.

“The current hemodialysis service in hospitals in Surabaya reaches 400 units. However, this number cannot meet the demand because the number of patients is increasing every day. There will be 500 machines that will be used “, said dr. Pranawa.

Doctor Pranawa said that kidney failure patients do not only undergo conservative treatment by taking medicine. It is necessary for them to get kidney replacement treatments.

This chronic kidney patients, he continued, must have kidney transplantation or hemodialysis. This hemodialysis action is carried out two to three times a week. Unfortunately, these patients will undergo a lifelong dialysis process in sustaining life. Most of them survive the treatment from one year to 25 years.

Chronic kidney patients undergone hemodialysis treatment are patients stage 5 patients. The disease is 50% caused by diabetes, 30% by hypertension and 20% by kidney stone patients and other causes.

Continued dr. Pranawa, hoped that in the future, UNAIR Hospital will find solutions and efforts to prevent kidney failure. So, this hemodialysis service can be closed because of the reduced number of patients suffering from kidney failure.

“I hope that the addition of hemodialysis machines will bring success for UNAIR in maintaining the health quality of community. Patience in providing the best service is the main factor that must be prioritized, “he added.

Not only that, dr. Ardityo Rahmat Ardhani, Sp.PD as a specialist in internal medicine revealed that the advantages of UNAIR Hospital services compared to other hospitals are in the use of artificial kidney which are only used once.

“Artificial kidneys used in various hospitals will usually be used 4 to 5 times. Unlike UNAIR Hospital which uses this artificial kidney in one use, “he added. (*)

Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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