Four MM Students Wins Two Nominations in UI Investment Competition

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UNAIR NEWS – Four students of Management Masters in Universitas Airlangga once again recorded achievements at the beginning of 2019. They got two nominations, precisely on Saturday February 9, 2019 by winning Best Growth 1 and Best Analyst 1 in MM UI Invesco event (Master of Management, Universitas Indonesia Investment Competition) 2019.

The four students are Dandy Evan Kiswara; Mochammad Ardhan Fadhlan; Eferanda Risqyta Pradana; and Abdul Ro’uf Farizki. The four students joined in a team called Kahuripan team.

The team leader Dandy confirmed the information when he met with UNAIR NEWS team. The investment competition, he continued, was introduced by MM UI which focuses on valuing equity (shares). Especially stimulates the ability and motivates business students to improve their skills.

“So, this competition, each team selected five issuers among 20 issuers (shares, ed) offered by UI. We also capitalized. “he said.

His assessment said Dandy was carried out in the initial stages for seven weeks. Precisely starting on 10 December 2018 to 25 January 2019. In that stage, Kahuripan team of UNAIR able to achieve the highest capital growth rate (gain capital) with the growth of 24.93% and was quite far adrift with the winner of the second growth of only 8.8%.

“At this initial stage (seven weeks, ed), the team will see how the growth of capital gains. “UNAIR won with a growth rate of 24.93%” he said.

In addition, for seven weeks, explained Dandy, the team was also encouraged to trade (sales and purchase transactions) of shares. The trading strategy is very influential on the achievement of each team’s capital gain.

Dandy said that the five issuers selected by Kahuripan UNAIR’s team were ANTM (Aneka Tambang Persero); TINS (Timah Persero); JSMR (Jasa Marga Persero); WSBP (Waskita Beton Precast Persero); and PGAS (Perusahan Gas Negara Persero). The reason for the analysis of choosing the five issuers presented in front of the jury made Kahuripan team of UNAIR also won for Best Analyst category.

“So, there was also a presentation session. First we see the issues (the five issuers), the widespread of news. Second, we look at the fundamental analysis, the financial statements. After that, we did technical analyst, “he said.

“From the analysis, we can determine when we have to sell, buy, and to hold pur ambition. Finally we were able to record a growth rate of 24.93 percent, “he added.

For solidity and good analysis, Kahuripan team of UNAIR finally won two nominations, Best Growth and Best Analyst. The team received a prize worth of Rp. 35 million.

In addition, Dandy hopes that the achievement will be the beginning for students, especially masters of management, to achieve other achievements again. Especially for students in general. Aside from being a form of learning, the activeness of students in participating in competitions encourages creativity to grow in campus environment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gancar C. Premananto, CMA, as one of MM UNAIR lecturers said that the competition held by MM UI is interesting and challenging. Given that the competition combines real science and art.

Every group of students, he added, were given Rp. 1 million to be invested in the stock market. Furthermore, the movement and decision making of buying or selling and holding shares for seven weeks, the results are calculated.

“Our students are finally able to record victory and the participants were MM students throughout Indonesia, “he said. (*)


Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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