Rector of UNAIR Hopes Public Media in Taking a Role on Millennial Era

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Rector of UNAIR Prof. Nasih gave a presentation on HPN commemoration in UNAIR.

UNAIR NEWS – The widespread of hoax information in millennial makes the role of media questionable. Media should take a role in providing education to the public, not the opposite of it.

Commemorating National Press Day (HPN) on February 9, to the media, Rector of Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Nasih said that media should have created a great space to stop the widespread of hoaxes.

“The press has a strategic function to improve state democracy quality. The nation behavior also influenced by quality of the press itself,” explained Prof. Nasih during an interactive dialogue with TVRI and academics held on Thursday, January 7.

Located at Garuda Mukti Campus C UNAIR Hall, in the event Prof. Nasih said that democracy in Indonesia could be built together through the quality press. Because the progress of democracy depends on the quality of press in a country.

“If it stays like this, hate speech or hoax will be everywhere and has the press fulfilled its role and function?” Prof. Nasih questioned.

In the end, as a education institution that participated in National Press Day celebration, Prof. Nasih hadsmany hope for the press.

“Absolutely, we hope that we can build a good democracy together but certaintly it will not build a wall of democracy and become a partition, “he explained. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

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