FKH UNAIR Hosts AJIVE Symposium

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Prof. Koichi Sato at UNAIR
Prof. Koichi Sato explains about Yamaguchi University’s veterinary education and research. (Photo: Zana Afia D)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held an international symposium, ” 3rd International Symposium of Veterinary Education” . The event organized by Association of Japan-Indonesia Veterinary Education (AJIVE) was held on Friday, Feb. 8 in Tandjung Adiwinata Room, FKH UNAIR. This year, UNAIR is hosting the third AJIVE symposium, after previously being held at Gadjah Mada University.

This symposium is a form of collaboration between Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine (JGSVM) consisting of three universities in Japan, Yamaguchi University, Kagoshima University, and Tottori University, with three universities in Indonesia: Universitas Airlangga, Gajah Mada University, and Bogor Agricultural Institute.

The symposium was attended by eleven universities in Association of the Indonesian Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (AFKHI). Some of the speakers were Prof. Prof Koichi Sato, Prof. Takafumi Osawa, Hiroya Kadokawa, DVM., Ph.D, Tetsuya Yanagida, DVM., Ph.D, Kenta Watanabe, DVM., Ph.D, and Ai Takano., DVM., PhD.

There was also UNAIR Vice Rector III, Prof. Moch. Amin Alamsjah, Ir., M.Si., Ph.D; Head of AFKHI, Prof. Srihadi Agungpriyono, drh., Ph.D; Dean of FKH UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Pudji Srianto, drh. M.Kes; FKH UNAIR Vice Dean I, Prof. Dr. Fedik Abdul Rantam, drh .; and eleven Deans of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine who are members of AFKHI.

The purpose of this symposium is to develop training programs for veterinary researchers at national and global levels based on veterinary education and Japanese and Indonesian research systems.  AJIVE is a collaborative program between Indonesian and Japanese to develop human resource quality in the field of veterinary education and research.

“This is our collaboration in education and research. Hopefully through this activity, we will gain experience and knowledge to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, “said Prof. Agung, as the Chairman of AFKHI who was present as a speaker in the discussion session.

The same thing was also conveyed by Prof. Amin Alamsjah in his remarks.

“Hopefully this symposium facilitates academics and researchers to reflect on current problems, challenges, opportunities, and share the latest innovative research and practices in veterinary education,” said Prof. Amin.

Some of the programs of AJIVE include establishing a training program for young international researchers in veterinary medicine, establishing an Asian animal education standard program based on an International education system quality standards (EU) and developing an international veterinary research education system. This opportunity was also used as a gathering event for veterinary experts from Japan and Indonesia to discuss several work plans and the continuity of the AJIVE in the future.

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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