Local News Still Have Place in Era of Disruption

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Secretary of Center for Information and Public Relations Universitas Airlangga Dr. Imron Mawardi, SP., M.Si.,
Secretary of Center for Information and Public Relations Universitas Airlangga Dr. Imron Mawardi, SP., M.Si.,

UNAIR NEWS – The locality discourse always has a place in social space. Even in modern social conditions. It was conveyed by the Secretary of Center for Information and Public Relations Universitas Airlangga, Dr. Imron Mawardi, S.P., M.Si., in Indonesian Local Television Association Public Discussion on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 2.

Being held at Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya, the activity held as a part of National Press Day Commemoration presented a number of public figures, regional and national. Such as from Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo), Commission I of Indonesian House of Representatives, East Java Provincial Government, and Management of ATVLI (Indonesian Local Television Association).

Dr. Imron attended to represent UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE, MT., Ak., CMA., conveyed some of his views related to the analysis of current local television, especially from academic perspective.

Case studies on the battle between big media in United States opened Dr. Imron’s explanation in the discussion. The study on Washington Post and New York Times suggested a battle between national and regional news content. Although both were published in the morning, he continued, Washington Post and New York Times are very different, especially on news consumption of New Yorkers. The result showed that New York Times is more popular.

“After being observed, quoting Mr. Dahlan’s statement, it turns out that even though the community is advanced, in any big city, they still need the local wisdom,” he said.

“People always want to know what is happening around them,” he added.

Curiosity on local issues, said Dr. Imron, always exists. There will be place on information content that is local in nature especially in the current era which is called the era of disruption.

However, a number of breakthroughs were needed for local television managers such as relating to content, efficiency, and focus on the segments. Some predictions regarding the demographic bonus for Indonesia in 2025 must be used very well.

Furthermore, management improvement based on efficiency need to be done. As the development of technology greatly provides various options for this fulfillment. The emergence of a smartphone or its sophistication and rapid circulation is a plus value as well as a challenge. (*)


Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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