Hospitality Management Students Improving Their Skills at Hotel Holiday Inn

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Student while tidying up hotel room for housekeeping practicum at Holiday Inn Hotel on Friday November 30, 2018). (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Students from hospitality management study program Faculty of Vocational Studies, Universitas Airlangga attended housekeeping practicum at Hotel Holiday Inn on Friday, November 30 2018. The practicum was a part in increasing hard skills of UNAIR Hospitality Management students.

The goal was for student to applied soft skills and student hard skills properly. In addition to academic abilities, soft skills and hard skills are needed to compete in professional world. Thus, the ability can be applied properly.

The coordinator of hospitality management study program, Dian Yulie Reindrawati Ph.D said regarding the challenges of industrial revolution nowadays, students must be able to take a part to enter and contribute in industry world. Especially in the world of hospitality.

The current competition, added Dian, has opened an era of new competition. It is not impossible, hotels in Indonesia will be filled by workers from Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia, even throughout Asia.

“We must enter, contribute and take part in industry world to increase our hard skill. Thus, students are accustomed and ready to compete in proffessional world,” said Dian.

Housekeeping practicum at Hotel Holiday Inn Surabaya was carried out in line with the cooperation between Faculty of Vocational Studies with Hotel Holiday Inn Surabaya. The practice was carried out for a day and attended by 63 students from housekeeping subject.

On 2018, the practicum was carried out at Hotel Grand Darmo in Surabaya. Every year, students provided with a real work practice at hotel. It is intended for students to experience working in professional world.

“The activity was conducted at Holiday Inn hotels, which previously conducted for student batch 2016 at Hotel Grand Darmo. This helped student to learn about the development of hotel industry and hopefully the output will be even better than previous year.” said Rizal, the event’s chief executive.

Increasing the tourism industry in Indonesia will provide more opportunities for the world of hospitality. Although, the current paradigm of working in hotel environment are still often referred as ‘maid’ compared to workers in institution.

“The potential of this department will continue to improve from service work world, especially hospitality. Furthermore, it can increase the country’s foreign exchange too, “said Afi Wijayanti as assistant lecturer in the field of practicum.

“The potential for Hospitality Management students to take opportunity and contribute in advancing the world of Indonesian tourism industry,” he said. (*)


Editor: Feri Fenoria

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