FKG UNAIR Encourages Researchers to be the Pioneer of Ethical Development

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FKG UNAIR provides advanced basic ethics training (EDL) (photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – In line with Universitas Airlangga slogan of excellence with morality, UNAIR academics conducted research intensively. National Ethic Commission of Health (KEPK) Faculty of Dental Medicine (FKG) UNAIR held a follow-up basic ethics training (EDL) for lecturer and researchers. The activity was held on Thursday January 31 until Friday February 2 at Hotel Bumi Surabaya.

In the event, KEPK FKG provided direct training with National Health Research and Development Ethics Commission (KEPPKN) Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia. This training is chaired by KEPPKN, Dr. Triono Soediro, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D, alumnnus of FK UNAIR batch 1979.

On that occasion, Dr. Triono explained in front of 60 FKG lecturers about the history of ethics commission. KEPK, continued Triono was established to protect research subjects (humans) to prevent ethics violations.

Triono explained three ethical principles: good, respectful and fair. In 2011, seven ethical standards were created which developed into 25 guidelines of CIOMS KEPPKN.

“UNAIR by producing the most protocols that have been obtained on online media and ethical standards in Indonesia,” he added

The atmosphere of participants in training event (photo: courtesy)

In accordance with the theme of the activity, not only to provide an understanding of ethical basis, participants also consider the matter of adjusting and adapting to 25 guidelines. The training was approved to be more effective.

“My hope is UNAIR becomes a pioneer of change in cultivating research ethics and also being a famous champion, because UNAIR is well-known education institution in the field of research with the highest ethical permits,” he added.

Meanwhile, Head of FKG KEPK, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rubianto, drg., MS., Sp.Perio (K) said currently FKG working on a moral or ethical movement. By inviting head of KEPPKN, we hoped that the researchers will get enlightenment based on the ethics.

“This is a positive thing, a concrete solution to build morality through research and currently being intensively carried out by UNAIR,” he explained.

Prof. Rubi added, this training was conducted to prevent the research of lecturers who failed due to ethical issues. Moreover, UNAIR’s research widely included in Scopus journals which must have clearance ethics.

“We hope the motto of excellence with morality can be balance. Thus, UNAIR academics, they can support each other and overcome problem in harmony. In addition, after this training I hope, all of us can be pioneers for the development of ethical guards in Indonesia, “he concluded.


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia



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