Islamic Economics Program Sends 3 Students to Join Student Exchange in Malaysia

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FROM left, Evi Aninatin N; Abdul Kafi; and Salma F. S while attending student exchange activities at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Universitas Airlangga, Islamic Economics program sent 3 outstanding students to attend student exchanges in Malaysia. Precisely held for five months from September 2018 to January 2019.

They were Evi Aninatin Ni’matul Choiriyah and Salma Fioren Salsabella and Abdul Kafi. The three student participated in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) activities. The participation of three UNAIR students was supported by Head of Islamic Economics program, Dr. Raditya Sukmana, SE., MA. Precisely, it was a rewards to the three students after winning as first place winner at Gunadarma Sharia Economic Event (GSENT) 2018.

Evi said that this opportunity was mandate from her lecturer to do student exchange in International Islamic University Malaysia. “In addition, I want to continue my master degree in there on 2020.” she said.

“Alhamdulillah, I got an opportunity to study at IIUM earlier” added Evi, Islamic Economics student batch 2016

Evi added MoU between FEB UNAIR and IIUM parties made registration process easier. For registration, students filled out the form with the requirements and championship certificate. The next stage, they have to wait for LoA from IIUM. In addition, they can make VISA students by following the directions from EGMS Malaysia (education portal in Malaysia).

Evi and her team members never went abroad before. Because of that, when they were in Malaysia, they got lost. When they want to go to Kuala Lumpur from Mahallah (dormitory) by bus. They did not know the last bus stop was different from their destination.

“There were a lot of programs from International Office IIUM such as cultural program, an introduction activity and games for all student exchanges and a trip to Malacca,” added her.

In addition, she revealed that odd semester student could take part in Global Unmatic Festival. An annual routine and intended for all international students and other programs.

“Unlike in UNAIR, we only took 12 credits but it accumulated into 24 credits with assignment on each meeting. Such as paper or article with individual presentations.” she said.

She also got a challenge by speaking in full english. It also help Evi to sharpen her skills and gain knowledge outside UNAIR.

“Through student exchange, we can help UNAIR’s achievements in pursuing 500 World Class University. In line with the  tagline of  IIUM, Garden Knowledge and Virtue.” she said. (*)


Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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