Vania Santoso, Successful Young Sociopreneur Overcoming Environmental Problems

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VANIA Santoso
VANIA Santoso (center) shares her success story of setting up a garbage-based business. Vania invited to Narasi TV activities at Airlangga Convention Center (ACC), Campus C Universitas Airlangga, on Friday, Feb 1. (Photo: Feri Fenoria Rifa'i)

UNAIR NEWS – As one of the series of Narasi TV activities, Duo Budjang was present with Vania Santoso. A young woman who actively runs her business in sociopreneur field named heySTARTIC. She is one of the alumni of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga.

This time Vania had the opportunity to introduce her business to thousands of young people from various universities in Surabaya. She shared her experience in participating in Young Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) competition as one of the delegations from Indonesia. It was held at Singapore International Foundation (SIF). Moreover, Vania also managed to win it.

Her experience in participating in various competitions and being active in a community made Vania trained in running waste recycling business into a creative product business. The amount of garbage scattered and the environment caused Vania to be an environmental activist.

Vania said that at first, she recycled garbage into useful things such as belts. However, it has developed into a bag and wallet. Behind his success, Vania has experienced the ups and downs when building a social-based business.

“I started this business starting when I formed an environmental community that was initially unknown to the community. So it is also a struggle for me in developing and introducing this product to people, ” she said.

Furthermore, Vania revealed that UNAIR made a major contribution to the development of its business. The business already produces 90-100 products every month. Vania urges millennial youth to produce creative work which is environmentally friendly.

In addition, Vania said that students have a great opportunity to participate in the competition. Tip for success, for Vania, is active participation in competitions, so we will have a lot of colleagues and experiences in doing business.

Hopefully in the future, there will be many youth observant on social problems, especially in contributing and collaborating to bring social solutions to community conditions. The existence of a social media platform is an opportunity that must be used properly by young people.

“UNAIR students must be able to take roles and positions in seeing future opportunities,” he added. (*)


Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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