Najwa Invites Youth to Vote

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Najwa at UNAIR
NAJWA Shihab at Catatan Najwa Talk Show at ACC Universitas Airlangga on Friday, Feb. 1. (Photo: Feri Fenoria)

UNAIR NEWS – Approaching the upcoming election, Catatan Najwa “Greget Wakil Rakyat” at ACC Universitas Airlangga on Friday, Feb. 1. In this discussion, Najwa presented eight candidates of people’s representative from Democratic Party, PKB, PDIP, PAN, PSI, Working Party, Gerindra Party, and Nasdem Party.

Najwa Shihab invites youth to use their political rights in the upcoming election. She invited young people not to be skeptical, hesitant, and indifferent in looking at political issues.

“The survey proves 80 million out of 100 million voters are young people. Young people are the determinant of Indonesia’s political future. Surabaya must be a major milestone in Indonesia’s political change in the election, ” she said.

Millennials have voting rights to express their opinions in turning Indonesia into a better one. Therefore, the existence of digital world in providing information to the public needs to be utilized well.

The presence of people’s representatives from each party in Catatan Najwa provides information and introduction to young people in assessing and weighing their voting rights. It aims to provide political education in knowing the vision and mission of the candidates.

“Apparently, we are only immersed in the issue of presidential election. In fact, this year is the year of simultaneous election in electing representatives of people. It is appropriate for young people to know, “added Najwa.

The opportunity was used well by the candidates. They were given opportunities to promote themselves in front of students, especially about the advantages of their respective parties.

In principle, Najwa invites young people not only become followers and utilized by certain political interests. The spread of positive content by young people is important in increasing awareness on the power of their votes.

The content can be in the form of aspirations uploaded on social media and positive works produced by young people today. The aspiration through creative content on social media is expected to be a form of representation in channeling aspirations to people’s representatives.

“Indonesia is compiled by the role and movement of young people to speak up, not just the assumptions and prejudices that are presented,” Najwa stated. (*)



Author: Khefty Al Mawalia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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