Improving Potentials to Face Professional World

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UNAIR NEWS – The presence of Industrial Revolution 4.0 has brought us to competitive professional world. College graduates’ unemployment is now common, especially in Indonesia. Reported by Pikiran Rakyat, on March 26, 2018, there were 630,000 Indonesian scholars who did not get jobs or unemployment. This condition is very alarming especially in the era of free market which foreign workers are welcomed.

Therefore, the reputation of universities as institutions which produce excellent Human Resources (HR) is at stake. Universities are expected to make a major contribution to improve the quality of Human Resources. Students do not just stand still. Millennial generation students must have the skills to pursue their careers after being graduated.

In the workshop entitled “Siap Kerja, Siap Berkarya, Siap Berdaya” organized by PPKK UNAIR, Jan. 23, in Parlinah Hall, Library of Campus B, UNAIR stated that students must have 6 characters if they want to succeed in the professional world. They are great curiosity, leadership, initiative, adaptable, persistence, and social and culture awareness.

Being ready to work is not just a matter of having a diploma and Curriculum Vitae (CV), but about mastering the ability, mastering soft skills, and hard skills needed. Universities need to make students aware of their potentials as early as possible. Because otherwise, students will have difficulties to compete in professional world. Another advantage is that students will be able to work according to their abilities and expertise.

In the training, the speaker was Purwo Bayu Wicaksono of IKA UNAIR, fresh graduates who want to have brilliant careers were given tips. They must be people who are adaptable to the new environment, easy to collaborate, willing to learn and respect others, able to make wise decisions, have good time management, have practice skills by actively participating in organizations and committees, take the initiative to look for internship opportunities, and take part in various activities that hone talents and interests.

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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