Learning Sincerity to Serve from Vivi Ari Ani

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Vivi Ari Ani
Vivi Ari Ani. (Illustration by: Feri Fenoria Rifa'i)

UNAIR NEWS – Talking about service certainly means  a lot of things and interpretations. Even for this 2018 Indonesian Literature student, Vivi Ari Ani. The girl who loves to smiles is one of 2019 Bidikmisi Community Service Camp committee members. When contacted by UNAIR NEWS some time ago, Vivi was hospitalized. The girl from Jombang welcomed and did not mind sharing her story to UNAIR NEWS when she was attending Community Service Camp.

Vivi was diagnosed with Lupus since she was in the third grade of senior high school. It made her familiar with intravenous tubes and medicines for the past year. To ease the pain, fourteen kinds of pills must be consumed every day. The girl who came from a simple family even had to undergo surgery several times to remove cells that attacked the brain. Thus, she often experience severe headaches, unstable emotions and forgetfulness.

But apparently the disease did not stop her determination to take part in an activity she had long dreamed of, Community Service Camp. Even though she had not received permission as she has health conditions, Vivi’s enthusiasm for serving was apparently unbreakable. Armed with confidence and sincere intention to serve, Vivi tried to ward off all the bad possibilities that could happen during the activity. She got a permission from the doctor and his family to take part in the activity with several conditions.

“I like participating in community service activities. When can we help and blend directly with the community. From that activity I found things that made me grateful for life. As long as I can, why not? I don’t know how much longer I live. But at least my life was useful for others, ” she explained.

Vivi said that she was very happy to be part of the extended family of Community Service Camp. The simple dream was finally granted. There was no happiest thing for Vivi besides being able to gather and hear laughter from the committee members, play with the children of Suwaluh, to help preparing food in the kitchen every morning until evening.

But unfortunately, Vivi’s desire to finish Camp had to stop on the fifth day. Her health condition declined, forced her to return home to get medical attention immediately. Even so, Vivi remained grateful for having the opportunity to serve.

“There are many memorable moments. One of them was I was about going home. I really feel that this is my other family. Everything is so caring, there was someone who cried too. Even though they have only known me for a week. That is how we feel as family in the camp,” she recalled.

For her, community service camp was the second home that made her no longer feel lonely. Although she could not take part in the activity for a full week, the moment of togetherness at the Camp had made her momentarily forget about the pain she suffered.

She hoped that one day she would be able to meet her fellow committee members again to hear stories from the camp after she returned home early.

“I want to meet with friends again. I want to hear the story of how exciting, the good and the bad of last camp. The kids were cute, unfortunately I don’t really understand their language, “said the girl who dreamed of being able to set foot in Egypt and Turkey.

“Hopefully before Allah gives me departure, Allah gives me the opportunity to meet with the committee friends again,” she said.

Vivi’s spirit is a real representation of “From the heart, ready to serve,”. In the midst of her struggle against severe illness, she still had time to struggle to show her humanity through community service. Her figure has taught us that serving is not always for those who are capable, but also for anyone who wants. With only sincere intention, anyone can dedicate themselves to spreading usefulness. Thank you Vivi, your extraordinary passion and struggle have been very inspiring.

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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