UNAIR Initiates 3 Recommendations for Development of Social Sciences

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UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga through Faculty of Social and Political Sciences initiated a discussion on the development of doctoral program in social sciences in Indonesia on Tuesday, Jan. 29 in Surabaya. At Singgasana Hotel Surabaya, the discussion involved practitioners and academic leaders of universities which open doctoral programs in social science.

There were 13 representatives from universities across Indonesia, both public and private, from Papua to Sumatra such as Pasundan University, Cendrawasih University, Lambung Mangkurat University, Krisnadwipayana University, Udayana University, Muhammadiyah Malang University, Bengkulu University, Tadulako University, Muhammadiyah University Bengkulu, and Nusa Cendana University.

Prof. Dr. Musta’in, Drs., M.Si., as the Head of FISIP UNAIR Social Sciences Doctoral Program, said that in the rapid and borderless development of society and dynamic political situation, it is very important for all managers of social science doctoral programs to have an official association as an effort to develop social sciences in Indonesia. Social and political change accelerates in a convergent social system and influences the subsystem such as   the economy, social, politics, culture and religion.

In an advanced and developed society which has complex social differences, comprehensive analysis between social sciences is needed. That is why, FISIP UNAIR Social Sciences Doctoral Program consistently focuses on social science development since 1985.

“Our meeting is expected to produce an agreement or consensus to handle the development of social sciences in the future,” he said. “The agreement can be in the form of curriculum, but it can also be adjusted to the social conditions in each region and community in their respective regions,” he added.

In response to Prof. Musta’in’s statement, Dr. Falih Suaedi, Drs., M.Si., Dean of FISIP UNAIR, said that the meeting was for the development of social sciences in the future. FISIP as a faculty has concerns on the development of doctoral program in social sciences in Indonesia.

“This (meeting, ed) is an idea from FISIP as a faculty and university which from the beginning formed a doctoral program of social sciences. We concentrate on that field,” he said.

“The problem is, the nomenclature for Social Sciences Doctoral Program in Ministerial Decree Number 257/M/KPT/2017 cannot be found. Well, we initiated this forum to make Indonesian doctoral social science program definitive. Formally and substantially strong, “he added.

Therefore, continued Dr. Falih, there are 13 universities gathered and attended the forum. The meeting was not in the form of a declaration, but rather a kind of joint statement, especially in-depth discussions to provide recommendations to Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti).

“Maybe later we can send (recommendations, ed) to the Director General of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education,” he said.

“Also the most important, today we will form a kind of association or forum for managing S3 social science programs,” he added.

Dr. Falih also said that the establishment was expected to stimulate and bring cooperation between program managements, from institutional cooperation, curriculum fields, to academic fields. Especially to improve the quality of the doctoral program in social sciences.

“For example, exchanging experts for guest examiners on the teaching side. So, there are a lot of things that we can do by uniting in one forum for managing the doctor of social sciences, “he said.

Because, Dr. Falih is very confident that social science in the future will become one of the important needs, especially Indonesia. Developing social science, he said, does not have to categorize knowledge into small kingdoms that do not greet one another.

The photo session after the Discussion on the Development of the Social Sciences Doctoral Program in Indonesia at Singgasana Hotel Surabaya on Tuesday, Jan. 29. (Photo: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i)

“So, let’s unite the steps and consolidate today. To unite the doctoral of social sciences, so it is stronger in the eyes of the government and shows more our concern and distinctiveness that social science cannot be broken down into small programs, ” he said.

The point of the meeting is emphasizing social sciences actually supported the idea of integrated social science which has always been the hallmark of doctoral program in social sciences in order to reinforce and develop social sciences so it will not be compartmentalized.

“For example public administration, sociology, and anthrooplogy. They all related to each other. We will develop the space to greet each other, “he said.

 3 Recommendations

Three recommendations from the discussion on the development of  social sciences doctoral program were agreed upon. The three recommendations were addressed to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The three recommendations were, first, maintaining the name of Social Sciences Doctoral Program in which there are specializations in it.

Second, in order to develop social sciences, it is necessary to establish a Management Association for Social Sciences Doctoral Programs in Indonesia. And third, it is necessary to amend Ministerial Decree Number: 257 / M / KPT2017 regarding Name of Programs in Higher Education, by entering the name of Social Sciences Program into its own nomenclature. (*)


Author: Feri Fenoria


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