Aisyah Putri Rahvy, 2018 UNAIR Ambassador Spends her Holiday with Tahfidz Boot Camp

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Aisyah Putri Rahvy while memorizing Qur’an (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS Spending her time during semester break, Aisyah Putri Rahvy or familiarly called Aisyah decided to join tahfidz boot camp for two weeks in Kuningan, West Java. She carried out the activity for 15 days starting from December 23 to January 6.

During her time in boot camp, Aisyah managed to memorize eight juz and exceeding the target set by the committee, which only five juz.

“Initially, I was hesitant to reach the target within two weeks, which was effective only around ten days due to the holiday and memorization methods introduction,” said the representative of UNAIR ambassador and an outstanding student of FKM UNAIR.

Since elementary school, Ayesha was introduced by her parents to memorize Qur’an. However, during middle and high school years there were many temptations, the memorization was a little neglected.

Therefore, Aisyah decided to participate in boot camp during this semester break. By participating in booth camp, she became motivated in memorizing. Of course, it is also supported by adequate facilities and environment.

“The boot camp environment encouraged student to memorize with their groups and ustadzah (religious teachers). We became excited and gave our best effort by memorizing the Qur’an.” explained Aisha.

A supportive environment does not guarantee that Ayesha will be free from several temptation to memorize. One of the example was she remembered her problem at home that made her unfocused, causing a feeling of laziness to continue in memorizing.

“Sometimes, she struggling while memorizing a long verse. Before, Aisha complained when she have to memorize Al Baqarah verse 282, “she said.

(Photo: Courtesy)

Tips and Tricks in Memorizing from Ala Ayesha

To everyone who want to start in memorizing Qur’an, first thing to do: set a genuine intention, not only to please parents, get a scholarship or even to get a partner with a background of hafidz or hafidzah.

“Believe me, starting with a good intention of Lillahi Ta’ala, hopefully your wish will be granted by Allah SWT,” said Aisha.

In the process, Aisha suggested to memorize the Quran by  reading translation verse. In addition, we can understand the verses content while memorizing the verses of Qur’an itself.

MasyaAllah, I felt the benefits from that,” said Aisha.

In addition, it can also minimize the possibility of interchanging the sequence of verses or pages. For example, when reading verses that contain the story of the prophet or the law. By knowing the meaning and understanding of the verse, it will reduce the possibility.

The last tips from Aisyah is remain istiqamah in memorizing Quran. According to her make it as a habit to memorize regularly.

“Don’t forget, other services should be maximized. Sunnah prayer, charity, and other worship. God willing, everything that is good will be facilitated by Allah SWT, “she added. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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