3 UNAIR Psychology Students Win Best Presentation and Best Idea in Seoul, Korea

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Psychology students win in Korea
Rhajiv (left), Salma (center), and Ida Ayu (right) after winning awards for Best Presentation and Best Idea (photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Three students of UNAIR Faculty of Psychology, Ida Ayu Radinia, Salma Ghina, and Rhajiv Nur Ilham won two awards, Best Presentation and Best Idea in an event organized by AFSEC. This event is an education event named International Academic and Innovation Exchange which was held for 3 days in mid January 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.

AFSEC is an educational consulting institution that provides assistance to international students to pursue higher education abroad. AFSEC believes that education is a fundamental right, where everyone has the right to have access to quality education.

Salma and the team prepared a paper to be submitted to the organizing committee. The theme of the paper was social enterprise.

Salma revealed that they thought hard to plan what they focused on with the theme. Even though there are challenges, they believe that with hard work, everything will pay off. Then after they get the idea, they start working on the paper and the presentation.

Whn they were there, continued Salma, there visited a lot of places including Seoul National University, Hyundai Motor Studio, Seoul National Museum, and joined a field trip analysis at Gyeoungbokgung Palace. The core activities at this event was the symposium held at Seoul World Trade Center. In the symposium, Salma and the team presented their work and judged directly by AFSEC.

“While in Seoul, we were accompanied by 2 Liaison Officers (LO) from Indonesia. The LOs made everything easy for our trip. We decided to extend 9 days even though the ASPEC program was only 3 days, “continued Salma.

“International Academic and Innovation Exchange is an event to organize educational events that provide opportunities for young generations to be creative and make innovations,” said Salma.

While Rhajiv revealed that he gained a positive output from the event. He claimed, that  he had clearer directions on what he would do in the future. Ida Ayu also felt a positive impression, according to her, the event was worth following. In addition to learning about social enterprise, she also had the opportunity to get new friends and new experience while in Seoul, Korea.

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


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