Introducing Transportation to PAUD Children through Coloring Competition

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59th KKN Team of Kalirejo Village, Kabat Sub-District, Banyuwangi Regency after finished coloring competition for PAUD Children. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Early childhood education (PAUD) is education effort for children aged 3-5 years to help the growth and skills development, attitudes and knowledge for children. It aimed to prepare children before entering elementary school. Through this education, children can explore their potential and knowledge by themselves.

One important aspect of early childhood education is skills. It’s a place for them  to imaginative, creativite and encourage children to show their abilities and skills. One of the activities carried out is coloring competition which can help children to be creative.

KKN-BBM 59 Universitas Airlangga student team in Kalirejo Village, Kabat District, Banyuwangi, carried out a coloring competition program for Permata Hati PAUD students a few weeks ago. A total of 31 PAUD students took part in the program at 8:00 to 10:30.

The theme of this competition is transportation. It aimed to introduce students to characteristics of transportation such as the number of wheels in each vehicle and place to run various vehicles. Moreover, participants were invited to participate in with answering questions and singing children’s songs with the theme of transportation. There were 3 winner in this competition and each of them got a prize. Likewise for students who dare to answer and sing songs.

“Thank God, the event went smoothly, the school and PAUD students were very enthusiastic in participating in this activity. Hopefully this kind of event can be held again the future. In here we learned from each other on how to interact and provide examples of good attitudes, behaviors and ways of socializing well with PAUD students and teachers.”  Nissa Maulida as KKN Coordinator in Kalirejo village.

Meanwhile, Titin as one of PAUD student parent said that with the coloring program carried out by KKN students, it shows that the students were very happy during the competition.

“This morning my child was very enthusiast in joining this competition. The students were also very enthusiastic about coloring competition by choosing a good color on their own coloring paper and carefully not crossing the lines, “he said.

Author: Merry Andrianti

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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