Spending Semester Break with Internship, Here is FKM Student Story

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Kholifatul Mardiah and friends while discussing with the person in charge of community health effort (UKM) Puskesmas Tanah Kalikedinding. (Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – One of the activities that students often do in semester break is by doing internship. Both independent internships and compulsory internships are part of the curriculum of each study program.

Unlike the curriculum internship, when we doing independent internship, students must do everything by themselves. Starting from looking for supervisors, making permission letter, and reports. Even so, several students are interested in doing independent internships to improve their competence.

One of them is a group of public health undergraduate student batch 2017 consist of Kholifatul Mardiah, Izzi Haibah Organization, Charisma Agustin, Qonita Basyariyah, and Galuh Mega Kurnia. The group has conducted independent internships at Puskesmas Tanah Kalikedinding for three weeks, from January 8-21 2019.

According to Kholifatul Mardiah or who often called Kholifah, in preparation for independent internship, the most complicated thing is when making a permission letter. Moreover this was their first internship experience.

“When dealing with permission letter, we have to know when the letter will be sent to the company and when we can start the internship on time,” said Kholfah, head of the group.

One of the demands to become Public Health graduate is make plan and ideal health care system. So, every day each member in different rooms could find the roles of each employee.

“Most of us help process data in administration division at administrative and secretariat area. Meanwhile in polyclinic, we help their tasks and observe how they work there.” explained Kholifah.

The Impression of Each Member

Kholifatul Mardiah

According to Kholifah, the most memorable thing was when she got an information related to Tuberculosis (TB) in East Surabaya. So we need to handle the cross-sectoral cooperation, especially the resident of the surrounding community.

“From there, I just learned that to handle the case in each hamlet, we need TB division to directly monitor the residents who were attacked by TB symptoms,” Kholifah explained.

Anizah Izzi Haizi

For students who are familiarly called Izzi, working in health center was one of the most effective learning methods. Moreover, she and the group found a theory that could not be applied at health care for several reason. So, they havev to find out whether the theory violates the rules or not.

“Of course this help us to understand more regarding to public health field,” said Izzi.

Charisma Agustin

Meanwhile, Charisma said that the most interesting thing was when she learned how to understand the dynamics in health center. In addition, she got new relations with the woker there.

“The experience and knowledge that we can’t find during class payed off her time, effort and thought that we sacrificed,” Charisma said.

Qonita Basyariah

According to Qonita Basyariah, there were new things that she got during the internship. Some of them are the types of finance received by health center and its allocation for anything also the system applied between health office and the health center in Surabaya.

“I also learned about how to compiling reports, finding data, and the most important thing was that when I knew what is like working in health center,” said Qonita.

Galuh Mega Kurnia

From this experience, Galuh felt that she had gotten a bit of an overview regarding to health care. As well as knowing the advantages, disadvantages, and effectiveness of the system made by government from the perspective of health workers. Given, health workers are executors of policy as well as parties who deal with the community directly. (*)

“The experience and knowledge can be a provision for us after graduate regarding to the authority in making a policy related to health services,” said Galuh. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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