The Unique Story Behind Wingko Babat from Lamongan

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Illustrated by tribunstyle

UNAIR NEWS – Babat Subdistrict in Lamongan Regency is known as the center of Wingko, a traditional snack and better known as wingko babat. Wingko itself is a snack or cake made from sticky rice and coconut with sweet taste. The shape is round and burnt outside.

The most famous one is from Wingko Loe Lan Ing. Located on Jalan Raya, Babat Subdistrict and this snack reminded us about pilgrimage destination of East Java. A lot of peddler often sell them in the streets, this snack also available in stores and markets at Islamic pilgrimage spot.

This time UNAIR NEWS had an opportunity to meet Sunarto Heri Kustanto, a History Science student at Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga to explain the history of Wingko Babat Loe Lan Ing. He said, when Wingko Loe Lan Ing Company received shipments from a sticky rice company, the flour company representative said that their product is a pure sticky rice flour.

“Loe Lan Ing made their wingko that day using that sticky rice flour. The result was unexpected, the wingko that they made was messy and because it still not well-baked, “said the student from Lamongan.

They sent their wingko to the flour company. After that, the sticky rice flour company sent their laboratory experts to Babat, Lamongan and met with Loe Lan Ing.

Before the testing process, Loe Lan Ing wanted to make a deal. If it is proven that the flour is pure sticky rice, Loe Lan Ing will close his Wingko business which has been passed down since it was established in 1900s. But if it is proven otherwise, the laboratory research expert will have to resign from the company where they works.

After being tested, turned out that flour imported from one of Southeast Asian countries and it was not a pure sticky rice. Because it contains a mixture of other ingredients which caused the failure of making wingko babat.

“Furthermore, Wingko Babat Loe Lan Ing had a distinctive taste which tender inside and well-baked outside also has a unique aroma,” said Suhek in the interview.

After the incident, several producers of wingko babat also tried to give variant of flavor for consumers from various regions of Lamongan, especially for pilgrims. They often buy Wingko Babat Loe Lan Ing as a gift from Lamongan.


Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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