Pedro Encourages High School Students in Sragen to Continue their Studies

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PEDRO while socializing about higher education and Bidikmisi scholarships to students of MAN 1 Sragen. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Semester break is the time for students from the regions return back to their hometown. Likewise, Gabriel Pedro Mudjianto, a student of Medical Education program Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga, from Sragen. He initiated to socialize Bidikmisi Goes to School (BMGTS) program.

In front of high school students, Pedro -his familiar name- socialized UNAIR and Bidikmisi scholarships by himself. Pedro said that he was motivated to do it because he wanted to be a pioneer in improving the quality of life for the nation. In addition, seeing the increasingly tight competition in professional world and a high standard to compete are the reason for sharing these information to high school students from Sragen.

“There are not many Sragen students in UNAIR. So, if it’s not me, who else? I also want to explain to them regarding to the government facilities that I have received to them (Bidikmisi, ed)” he added.

Pedro will go to SMAN 1 Sragen, SMAN 1 Sukodono, SMAN 1 Gondang, SMAN 1 Sambungmacan, and MAN 1 Sragen. However, so far those who have given the permission are from MAN 1 Sragen and SMAN 1 Gondang.

In his socialization, Pedro claimed to find several obstacles. Among other things, the school schedule is earlier than the semester break schedule. This gave me a hard time in asking permission in some schools that prepared National Examination.

“But, I’m grateful that the program can still be done,” he added.

The school’s response, he continued, was very open. Moreover, the high enthusiasm from students to take part in the socialization process. Unfortunately, the lack of comittee makes the program not optimal.

“Overall, a lot of students were very enthusiast.” There were some student asked me more about UNAIR and Bidikmisi,” he said.

Pedro was satisfied and motivated after carrying out the socialization. Pedro also wanted to continue serving the community, both directly and indirectly.

Pedro hope that students can continue their education to college. Especially in state universities, both in UNAIR and somewhere else. Because, high school students will become a golden generation for Indonesia, a generation that is highly competitive and represent Indonesia in the world.

“I’m grateful for this activity. Hopefully, it will give a more positive impact for Indonesia “he said. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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