Eleven Years Anniversary of FORMARA UNAIR Through Tri Dharma of Higher Education

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UNAIR Student Forum (Formara) after 11th Anniversary activities. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – 11 years of Madura Student Forum establishment (FORMARA) Universitas Airlangga, Formara UNAIR students held DNF (Formara Anniversary) 2019. The activities that have been held since November until January 2019 took place in four districts of Madura.

This year DNF carried the theme of “Bakti Formara for Madura” related to the fields of economics, education and health to realize the welfare of Madura community towards achieving SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Dwi Yanti Rachmasari Tartila, as Head of DNF 2019 Committee said, on DNF 2019 agenda there were 5 series of events in each district in Madura.

“There were five DNF events this year, Formara Goes To School (FGTS) and SBMPTN Try Out in each district of Madura, Futsal Competition in Sampang, Community Service in Pamekasan, and the Peak Night in Sumenep,” he said.

The FKp student who was familiarly called Yanti also added that the purpose of DNF was to celebrate Formara anniversary as well as a form of self-service to Madura community. “Through DNF activity, we want to provide our contribution for Madura to be better,” he concluded.

A similar thing was also said by Syahrul Faiz Anwar, Head of Formara UNAIR. According to him, DNF is an event to implement Tri Dharma of Higher Education which has been hailed by students.

“Tri Dharma consists of education, research, and service. In education realm, we have held a SBMPTN Try Out, teaching elementary school children at Community Service of Village, also socializing the importance of education in Formara Goes To School. For service sector, we conduct village community service in Proppo Subdistrict, Pamekasan Regency, “he said.

Faiz added that the second activity through Tri Dharma are research and development and it still could not be implemented at DNF this year. However, he promised to do it in the following year.

“For the field of research and development, I don’t think we can do it now. God willing, we will try it next year. I will try to implement DNF in the following year, after all of the series events are over we will make a report about what needs to be developed and the potential of Madura. After that we will leave it to the government, “he concluded.

Author: Sandi Prabowo

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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