4 UNAIR Environmental Engineering Students Work on 15 Biogas Plants during Holiday

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UNAIR NEWS – Four Environmental Engineering (TL) students from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) volunteered to build 15 biogas plants in the village near Mount Lawu. The activity called ‘Energi Bangkit Negeri # 1 (EBN # 1) was carried out by Energinesia Community for 6 days since Jan 2.

Wildani Mahmudah was accompanied by three friends, Shella Azen, Dhany Damayanti, and Ummul Zata Farahiyah with Energinesia Community to realize the planned program.

“The community engaged in environment field is designing a program that focuses on the availability and sustainability of energy in community, so that independent energy can be achieved,” explained Wildani.

It was held in Ploso Village, Ngawi Regency, after it met the strict requirements.  The village has potential energy which they feel can be utilized independently, cow manure for biogas.

Breeding cows brings many benefits, but the manure contains methane gas which is more destructive than carbon dioxide.

“With the construction of this biogas plant, it can be renewable energy source, and minimize the effects of global warming,” said the third semester student.

For 6 days, according to Wildani, he was satisfied. The goal to take part in this event, was to know better how to make biogas plant as he can see the process directly.

Not only learning to make biogas plant, 4 volunteers from UNAIR and 34 others had the opportunity to experience the local wisdom of Ploso people.

“As volunteers, we were also taught. What is the meaning of local teamwork that has rarely been seen in cities. Moreover, we are also invited to Srambang Park tour without having to spend money, “said Wildani.

Energinesia community and volunteers who participated in building 15 biogas plants. (Private Doc.)

When he was asked about what lesson he learned after taking part in the activity, he now knows that it is easier to talk than to act, and sometimes the theory is different from the practice. The biogas plant as well. It seems easy to make but in reality there are obstacles in the manufacturing process.

Wildani hoped that in the future there will be more similar events conducted across Indonesia as the benefits gained from it are extraordinary.

“I am grateful to be involved in EBN # 1. All the knowledge is very useful. Thank you Energinesia, “he said in the end. (*)

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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