UNAIR Farmastra Team Wins First Place at FIFGROUP Youth Innovation

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Siti Nur Seha and Rino Saputra won first prize at FIFGROUP Youth Innovation 2019. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – An achievement was written by Universitas Airlangga delegation. Siti Nur Seha, Physics alumnae batch 2014 and Rino Saputra, Accounting student batch 2016 who joined Farmastra Team and declared as FIFGROUP Youth Innovation (FYI) winner, held by FIFGROUP finance company. The awarding event was held in BSD, Tangerang on Thursday January, 10.

Farmastra team came out as winner after setting aside 111 participants from all universities in Indonesia. For the victory, both of them are entitled to get a prize of Rp. 15 million.

In their innovative work, Siti and Rino raised ​​financing Probolinggo chili farmers as their idea. Financing includes making shelters, hatcheries, quality seed hatcheries, and purchasing anti-pesticide fertilizers to increase productivity to reach 30,000 tons / year.

Reporting from fin.co.id, this event is an annual competition organized by PT Federal International Finance which has entered its third year. FIFGROUP gives appreciation in the form of educational scholarship assistance to participants. This is an effort by FIFGROUP to give awards for business ideas created by students.

The competition also sees the voice of customers through creative ideas that not only arise from internal factors but also useful insights externally.

In the process, FIFGROUP successfully received 111 registrants from 13 universities. From all of total registrants, only 15 teams passed the screening stage. The next process was business project simulation implementation that took place at FIFGROUP branch office. At this stage the participants had the opportunity to get guidance and insights on a deeper understanding of the methodology.

The next stage was a video conference that brought all of participants with FIFGROUP board of directors to present their business ideas. From that stage, 5 teams were selected as winners. The winners are entitled to take part in recruitment and briefing career preparation facilitated by FIFGROUP.

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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