Master Students in Media and Communication to Hold International Conference

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International conference preparation
Preparation meeting for Scopus Indexed Journal Conference. From the right, Dr. Santi Isnaini S.Sos., MM .; Rani Sukma Ayu Suteja S.I.Kom .; M.Sc. Siti Dzarfah Maesaroh. S.I. Kom; and Dina Septiani B.Comm, M.Comm. (Photo: Khefti Al Mawalia)

UNAIR NEWS – In order to achieve the target of Universitas Airlangga , to be a world class university, S2 students of Media and Communication Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) work together with their lecturers. Many things were done, one of them is by holding Scopus indexed international journal conference .

Rani Sukma Ayu Suteja, S.I.Kom., MSc as the communication lecturer at FISIP UNAIR revealed that every year, media and communication program carry out consistency and improvement efforts to encourage their students to write for Scopus indexed scientific publications. After successfully implementing two International Postgraduate Conference On Media And Communication (IPCOMC), this time the S2 media and communication program carried a different theme.

“The theme of this conference is Communication 4.0: Strengthening Media and Communication Through Digital Transformation ,” she said.

Rani explained, the theme was chosen to respond the presence of industrial revolution 4.0  in the digital era. The participants will also come from wider field of studies, including political issues the year of politics.

Furthermore, academics participating in the conference are expected to explore changes of technological and communication 4.0, especially in the scientific perspective of media and communication through scientific journals.

“This event will be held to facilitate S2 media and communication students in achieving graduation requirements set by Universitas Airlangga,” she said.

“So, we can facilitate them without having to look for other conferences outside the university. To make it easier for students to access publications, “Rani added.

The conference will present experts from UNAIR as speakers, also experts from the University of The Philippines, France, and several other countries.

“Currently the committee prepares and optimizes publications on social media to inform the public on the international journal conference to facilitate Scopus’s scientific publications ,” said Damae as the secretary of IPCOMC committee.

Preparation efforts are now being carried out by various parties, both lecturers and students. In the next seven to eight months, preparations will be made. One of them, by conducting a selection process of scientific works submitted by the participants.

“Scientific works that have passed the selection process will be included as a result of international conferences,” said Rani.

Efforts to increase the number of publications continued to be carried out by UNAIR as UNAIR is one of the best universities in Indonesia that targets Top 500 World Class Universities. In addition, UNAIR towards World Class University continues to improve its ranking with scientific activities and research. (*)


Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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