Tips for Completing Thesis from Best Graduate of FST

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Suhaila Hayaza (blue headscarf) during student exchange activity. (Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – As a student, thesis is a compulsory and must be completed for a graduation requirement. Thesis project often gives a psychological burden for students, either from various things that need to be done such as research, revision, consults with the counselor, or the pressure from family and society expecting students to graduate immediately.

For this reason, UNAIR NEWS contacted one of UNAIR best graduates of December 2018 graduation, Suhaila Hayaza or Ella to share her struggle finishing her thesis and give tips to complete thesis properly and on time.

How do you complete your thesis properly and on time?

According to Ella, the first thing students need to do is to realize that thesis is their responsibility. When someone has decided to go to college, their studies must be completed. To be able to graduate, one of the requirements is a thesis completed and presented in front of the examiners.

“If you view the thesis as part of the responsibility, InshaAllah when feel tired, lazy, bored, we will still try to push ourselves to do it,” said Ella.

Second, based on Ella’s experience as bachelor’s and master’s degree student in the field of science, joining lecturer’s research will be very helpful. The research roadmap is clear and students do not have to think about funding because the research is usually funded by faculties, universities or Kemenristekdikti.

“So, during fourth or fifth semester, it’s good to seek information about the research being carried out by the lecturers and discussed it, the possibility of your thesis topics,” Ella explained.

The third tip is to read more seniors’ theses, read national and international journals. It is done to get inspiration from reading. It also helps us finding the topic of our thesis. The topic of the thesis can be obtained from continuing research that was previously done by a senior or other people’s research.

Fourth tip, don’t give up! There are always failures and obstacles, but we must never give up. We can ask to lecturers, friends, seniors, browse the internet when we have difficulties when we work on our theses.

And the last tip is to have a deadline! Breakdown your plan into timelines, start from a proposal, KKN, thesis session, judiciary, to graduation. Everything is planned and recorded well including the dates.

“All these efforts must be followed with prayers, both a prayer from your parents and your own prayer. InshaAllah everything will be easy, “explained Ella.

Things need to be considered in writing a thesis

According to Ella, there are three things that need to be considered in writing thesis. The first is the topic and interest, whether the variables of the topic in accordance with the interests of the author or not.

“Because this is very important. If we don’t like the topic from the start, we will never be enthusiastic working on it,” Ella said.

Second, funding. Before working on the thesis, it is better to know how much money will be needed for the research and where the fund comes from. Do not start working on it without a clear budget .

Then, research time. This is related to whether the variables used are able to be examined in the specified time period. A person’s ability to manage time is highly tested when they work on theses.

“Don’t let our studies prolonged because of selection of a topic which is too difficult,” explained Ella.

Time management is also related to a person’s ability to focus on a thesis and disregard organizations, jobs, or other non-academic activities.

Then, we feel stressed, we should take a break. Stop working on it for a day or several hours. Do activities which refresh you such as sleeping, watching movies, reading favorite books, meeting friends, or other positive things you like.

“When you are relaxed, start work on it again,” said Ella.

When you feel stressed and have less motivation. Remember the struggle of parents to raise us and finance our studies. Do everything you can to make parents proud. And remember that thesis is a responsibility.

“Finish it! Keep trying and praying. InshaAllah the results will not betray the efforts. Don’t give up on your final assignments, theses, or dissertations,” stated Ella. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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