Here are Some Tips from 31 Gold PIMNAS Medalists

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Hilmi Putra Pradana with the B-STEAM team (Doc. Private)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Creativity Program (PKM) is one of the prestigious competition held by Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenristekdikti). In this annual year event, there were thousands of PKM proposals submitted to Kemristekdikti. Thousands of PKM proposals will be selected then presented in National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS).

Hilmi Putra Pradana or familiarly called Hilmi, one members of B-STEAM gold medalist team at PIMNAS 31 explained, one of PKM parameters that can pass through university selection is the originality of idea and title. In addition, when you check on the internet, there will be no match. Furthermore, the requirement of PKM proposal format should be submitted according to PKM guidelines.

What needs to be considered after passing university selection?

Passing university selection does not mean that you will also be funded. According to Hilmi, there are several things that need to be considered. Among others are:

First, make sure that the PKM writing format is in line with the new guidelines from Kemenristekdikti. This is very important and must be done so that the possibility of escaping is funded even higher.

“Read the format and content that are requested by Kemenristekdikti through PKM guidelines,” said Hilmi.

Furthermore, the citations or bibliography used for your proposal should be no longer than 5 years. It is better if you use new bibliography in your proposal. In addition, the proposal must also highlight the renewal, have great benefits, and the urgency problem that must be resolved.

Finally, the sentence used in PKM proposal must be easily understood by the reader. Because, there will be a lot of proposal submitted in there. So it will help judges to understand the intention of PKM proposal.

After being funded, what’s next?

When the PKM proposal passes to funded stage, the gate to PIMNAS will open slightly wider. For this reason, the team needs to do their best to pass National Student Science Week.

According to Hilmi, one of the things that the team needs to do is be obedient in administration. Like obeying the daily logbook and working on progress reports and financial reports.

“What our team implemented last year was on every activity in our logbook, we always give photos on the book,” said Hilmi.

In addition, the team must help each other, understand each other, so the implementation of PKM that has been funded can be resolved properly. The team also needs to continue maintaining the communication and consult with the supervisor regularly.

After passing PIMNAS, UNAIR will be fully responsible for training selected teams to get the best achievements. So that the team that passes the PIMNAS must try to remain strong in order to achieve the best results with various revisions, constructive criticism, and continuous training.

To the team that has successfully passed the UNAIR internal selection, Hilmi advised to work on the PKM proposal with all their heart and enjoy the process. Do your best to be the winner. That way, there will be no regretsin the end of the day.

“Because the joy of victory will be felt after the exhaustion of struggle,” concluded Hilmi. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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